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Rome Hotels near Bambin Gesù Hospital

The Bambin Gesù Hospital is one of Italy's most famous children's hospitals in which they perform renowned medical expertise at the international level. Many families who come from all over Italy are accommodated in one of the hotels or Bed and Breakfast in Rome near the Bambin Gesù Hospital to make their stay even reaching the hospital on foot. The Institute Bambin Gesù is built in San't Onofrio square, near the Gianicolo, a very quiet area, where you can find several shops and can reach the area by the subway and get off at Lepanto stop and proceed with the bus to the hospital. In addition, the hospital is connected with Termini Station by buslines 40 and 64 or busline 115 from the area of ​​Trastevere and the line 116 from Via Veneto. The hospital performs medical care for children in the pediatric age group and adolescent, such as first aid, recovery hospitalization, surgery and ambulatory and house call care. From the seat in Rome, added in time, the branch offices, that of Palidoro and Santa Marinella, but for those looking for accommodation near the head office, one should book a hotel near the area of Gianicolenze or St Peter which are near the Bambin Gesù Hospital.


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