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B & B Ancient Rome

Rome was founded, according to tradition, on April 21, 753 BC after Romolo was killed by his brother Remo. After that time, followed the seven kings who ruled Rome: Romolo, Numa Pompilio, Tullo Osilio, Anco Marzio, Tarquinio Prisco, Servio Tullio, and Tarquinio i Superbo. Some B & B in ancient Rome reflect the colors and architecture from Roman times to accommodate tourists with atmosphere of ancient Rome. The city was built along the left bank of the river of the different hills, Aventino, Palatine and the Campidoglio where the different populations merged, the Etruschi, the Latini and the Sabini. Militarily strategic located was the Tiberina island, the point of crossing of the river Tiberina, which allowed the initial aggregation of the population between the Palatine Hill and Capitoline Hill. Even today, these points are at the heart of the city as well as in ancient Rome and stay in a B & B in this area one can visit on foot all the ancient part of the city to arrive to Via dei Fori and to what was once the commercial center , religious and political center of the city, the Forum. For tourists who travel the ancient Rome certainly can not miss a visit to the Colosseum, formerly known as the Flavian Amphitheater, the largest amphitheater in the world, who welcomed the spectacle of gladiators and numerous demonstrations of ancient Rome.


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