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Special offers B&B Rome centre for carnival 2013 max 70 euro

The Roman Carnival of 2013 will be celebrated from 2 to 12 February, so hurry and take advantage of the special offers of up to € 70 in a B&B in central Rome for this event. The feast will start from the village set up in Piazza del Popolo with lots of events, from comedy shows to street artists, and  children’s toys parade. In the square, will be organized a grand opening parade dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi on Saturday, February 2, where a parade set along with more than 100 horses and carriages, the commedia dell'arte actors and famous military corps horses. From here it will continue to the Via del Corso, the main street of the historic center of Rome, which connects Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo. This street owes its name to the Corsa dei Barberi, a real stake citizen. A horse race will take place, which was the most important event of the Roman Carnival. This race was called-in by Pope Paul II, but was abolished by King Emmanuel II in 1874, due to the death of a young audience, overwhelmed by galloping horses. The Roman Carnival, stopped for so many years, was back and became a feast of the the capital for a few years, so hurry-up and book a B&B in Rome with special offers at 70 euro to experience this festival in the historic center of the city.


Last minute B&B in the center of Rome near metro station Spanish Steps

This time of year is great to organize a trip to Rome as one can find lots of Last Minute offers from B&B in Rome center close to the metro station Spanish Steps for a stay in the heart of the city. In fact, just outside the B&B, one will be on the center of cultural life and tourist attraction in the city from where you can walk to all the most important monuments and squares. This option is ideal for those who want to experience the city walking through the Roman alleys and for those with children as it is already in the city center and for any other destination, you can take the Metro to the Spanish Steps. Looking at this place without a doubt you will notice the elegance that distinguishes it: in fact, surrounded by ocher-colored buildings in the center is the Bernini fountain and the stairs on top of which is built the church Trinità dei Monti in a refined and that of  eighteenth century. It is no coincidence that high fashion brands such as Gucci, Bulgari and Valentino have chosen to position their boutiques just off of the said square. The Spanish Steps is also the former home of two famous poets such as John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley. Taking advantage of a last minute booking a B&B in Rome city center in the square which is now a cultural heritage of inestimable value is a unique opportunity for any tourist who wants to visit the capital.


Bed and Breakfast in the centrer of Rome near Villa Borghese

Rome is well-known and appreciated all over the world for its architecture, the masterpiece of art and history. But staying in a Bed and Breakfast in the center near Villa Borghese, one will be able to appreciate and discover this villa as the most famous and beautiful of the capital, which appears on the map as a large green area in the heart of Rome. This route takes us for a refreshing walk, rich in history and charm, between the green of nature and the gleaming white marble. Starting from a B&B near the Pincio, just above Piazza del Popolo, one can reach Villa Borghese, an 85 acres of land belonging to the then Borghese princes until  the end of year 1800. By entering this park, will fulfill the different tastes of even the most demanding tourists. In fact, in addition to being appreciated for walking in the open-air by sportsmen and families, can also have a picnic on the lawns, rates also by art connoisseurs who enjoy the presence of several museums, such as the Galleria Borghese, where collections of numerous artistic treasures by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, who in the early 1600s had the villa built just for housing his art collection. Also within the Villa Borghese is the Bioparco for those who want to visit the animals and finally the Globe Theatre, which mimics the theater Elsabettiano with circularly shaped feature.


B&B near Via Condotti Rome

There are lots of choices for a place to stay in Rome. The capital offers the ability to find the right accommodation for all types of travelers, from luxurious and famous hotels in the historic center, to pension houses and B&B. In fact, for those who wants to stay at an affordable price in the historical center of Rome, they can book in one of the Bed and Breakfasts in the center that offer an elegant and refined, yet with a warm and informal welcome. Choosing a B&B near Via Condotti is an opportunity not only to find themselves in the midst of Roman life, but also an opportunity in this period to take advantage of all the offers from boutiques in this famous shopping street of Roman luxury. From the Via Condotti, located in the north of the center, part of the so-called "Tridente" between Via del Corso to Piazza di Spagna, you can walk to interesting monuments of the city, passing through the streets covered with cobblestones. One of these monuments is the "Fontana della Barcaccia" originally made ​​by Pietro Bernini and completed by his son Gian Lorenzo in 1629 commissioned by Pope Urbano VIII, which is located at the foot of the famous steps of Trinita dei Monti offering background for events and parades of International Fashions.

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