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Luxury B&B in Rome’s Historical Center

The historic center of Rome with its ancient and luxurious buildings is not that large and can easily be walked along the tree-lined avenues of the Villa Borghese and visit the famous museum and then enjoy a good Italian espresso in the elegant and sophisticated coffee bars in Via Veneto, along the Roman squares with the famous cobblestones in the midst of them check the stupendous Trevi Fountain, in which water falls between marble statues, or the refined Bernini's Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini, where a few steps away is the street of San. Nicola da Tolentino # 50, the Tolentino Suites which welcomes you in elegant and classic rooms, where architectural elements vintage revive and live, a quiet romantic stay, the costs in this period before and during Christmas and are beneficial. It also offers the possibility to roam to the most beautiful streets of the capital in a beautiful limousine with the driver that you will also be your tour guide. Adjacent to other famous roads, the Via Sistina and beautiful Trinità dei Monti Steps that you enter in the most famous street in Rome, via Condotti, where the famous signatures jewelers and designers will enchant even during the winter with the new designs in elegant and simple showcases or very luxurious with reference to colors and bright lights.


Special Offer from Bed & Breakfast in Rome center for Carnival 2013

The Roman Carnival was told that it is a Carnival that greatly expressed in gestures, signs, allegories that return the number symbolic of the cultural connotation of the event, this was the comment of the artistic director who not only expressed while the rich schedule of cultural events but also in recovery of symbolic gestures that belong to the tradition of Venetian Carnival. Certainly in this festive atmosphere, is enriched by typical masks and the confetti Capital expects many visitors for collective  and lively fun, also local restaurants one will be able to enjoy delicacies of Roman tradition and these days in many cafes and patisseries in the center can be enjoy the famous damselfish and Roman frappe, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Along the streets of downtown and the nearby Villa Borghese children in costume parade in a joyful atmosphere that would throw passers and confetti and streamers into the air. Carnival in Rome is also a family celebration full of joy and color, where everyone express their imagination. In addition, the city of Rome enriches this festival with a Renaissance parade in the historic center precisely in Piazza del Popolo, where there will be equestrian artist, historical group and actors of art, to be held on February 18 at 3:00 pm.


Hotels in Rome center during the Carnival

The Carnival was not born in Rio de Janeiro and even in Venice, but just in the Eternal City at the time of ancient Rome, following the Saturnalia during in which daily life was suspended to leave any kind of social difference. Carnival 2013 is celebrated February 2 to 12 and this year on the Via del Corso to Piazza del Popolo there will be the traditional horse race like the Barbary horses, which was held in the Renaissance then calling people and noble from all over Europe, and until the end of the Middle Ages took place along this road, races and battles of all sorts. In the festive atmosphere of these days, hotels in central Rome welcome the Carnival for easy access to the local people of the center who organizes fun and cheerful costume party. During “martedi e giovedi grasso” you can also find places with free admission celebrating in the capital full of garlands, cotillions and music to brighten your stay in Rome in one of several hotels in Rome city center. Moreover, in the typical streets of Rome you can find masks romanesche (Cassandrino, Pip Meo, Rugantino, etc..), Which although they are not as famous as those of other Italian cities, it is a fun representation of stereotypes from both the popular world and the nobles to interpret virtues and vices.


Rome center B&B and hotels' special ofers for Velentine's day

Rome in February is a place of major initiatives for faith, culture, art entertainment and shopping. In particular, for the day of February 14, 2013, Valentine's Day, there are offers from B&B and hotels in Rome city center to grasp an idea for a gift between lovers: a pleasant stay in Rome to celebrate in a romantic way.
Starting from the Bed and Breakfast in the center of Rome, you can start a nice romantic walk path for lovers visitors continuing the famous Via Veneto to get to the Villa Borghese and the Borghese Museum, where you can admire masterpieces by Antonello da Messina, John Bellini, Raphael, Titian, Correggio, Caravaggio and splendid sculptures of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Canova, a starting point in order to celebrate culturally, artistically and romantically the February 14 of coming year. Facts and anecdotes are related to Valentine's Day, the legend was born with the Bishop Talentino, friend of the young lovers and for failing to convert to paganism, was stoned and then beheaded in 270 AD. Taking advantage of the offers of B&B for Valentine's Day, a stay in Rome is also a way to get special gifts, such as a romantic dinner by candlelight in the elegant and typical restaurants in the heart of the capital and then continuing the evening with a romantic walk to the Pincio terrace admiring the Roman rooftops under the moonlight.

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