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Hotels in central Rome for New Year 2012

Already it is time to consider getting a treat with a nice apartment in Rome, for example, a cultural holiday or an exciting and fun holiday for the end of the year. The shops are merry and elegantly set up in the streets of the city center as in Piazza Barberini, Via del Tritone and streets leading to the nearby Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. Hotels in the center of Rome for New Year 2012 offer the chance to catch up with beautiful walks in the still Christmas climate, shops of big Italian tailoring names, fascinating luxurious clothes that can be seen in the many beautiful glittering displays. In the festive atmosphere that makes it more serene and cheerful, great dishes of the ancient Roman tradition can be enjoyed in the typical restaurants of the center and you can celebrate New Year's Evening by dancing and singing, which are also popular traditions. For the famous Dinner on the evening of Dec. 31 in the center Rome Hotels for New Year 2012 can make bookings to restaurants where the best chefs around the world cook the famous lentils in tomato sauce, beans that represent the popular tradition, good luck for money for the coming 2013. All washed down with excellent geographical origin of Italian sparkling wine for the toast at midnight. At midnight the bells will ring and will celebrate the Holy Mass for the New Year in  beautiful Roman churches and also in the basilica of St. Peter. Book in advance one of the hotels in downtown Rome for New Year 2012 and not miss the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in the Eternal City.


Cheap B&B Christmas 2012

Christmas is the most important festival of religious and old tradition. In Rome, it is celebrated in a special way, many Nativity scenes, which show the birth of Jesus, are set in the most beautiful churches in the capital, as in the Capuchin Church in one of the most famous streets in the center of Rome, in Via Veneto, a walking distance from Tolentino Suites, one of the Cheap B&B for Christmas 2012 welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of Christmas, family and advantageous. Already in the days leading to Christmas, shop windows in the city center are lit for shoppers buying small gifts to give to their family and friends, according to tradition, in particular the windows of bakeries and pastry shops of the Roman center, displays typical products of Christmas such as Panettone with raisins, Pampepato with chocolate and dried fruit and nougat with almonds or white chocolate are all exposed and can be enjoyed by hungry individual or be taken as souvenirs. During the days of stay at Cheap B&B during Christmas 2012, one can take advantage of restaurants and clubs that arrange decorated tables with special fish such as fresh salmon and marinated eel with accordance to ancient tradition. Christmas is celebrated even in the most festive Piazza Navona, equipped with craft stalls and with the figure of Santa Claus that welcomes tourists from all over the world in his carriage and with photo of the square with the famous Bernini fountains.
The Cheap B&B during Christmas 2012 welcome all guests with affordable prices and are waiting for you with the atmosphere of peace and love of Christmas in Rome.


B&B Rome center for Christmas 2012

The Christmas season is upon us and as each year, begins the time to think about getting a nice gift, for example a holiday in Rome, cultural holiday, exciting and fun to make gifts to their family and friends in festive shops and tastefully prepared in the streets of the city center. But also for tourists who want to celebrate this festival in the heart of Christendom, B&B in central Rome for Christmas 2012 will be ready to welcome you. Also in the capital, are planned government initiatives, with museums open and the Holy family can also be seen in the most beautiful churches, particularly those in the Piazza Navona, where again suggests the event of the birth of the child that has deeply marked the path of humanity. In this magnificent square, the Christmas preparations begin long before, crafts and gifts of the Christmas theme and characters of the Nativity in particular, can be seen in many stalls where tourists from all over the world and so as the Romans, can buy little Souvenirs to bring to their countries of origin. Christmas, the most important festive and always in the calendar, the party associated with the serenity and peace involves the atmosphere of goodness, and makes it more serene and happy to be able to taste the famous Christmas Eve Gala Dinner on 24 December, in the best restaurants and refined Via Veneto and Via Sistina leading to the famous church of Trinita dei Monti, where the bells will ring at midnight and will be celebrating the Holy Mass and can easily be reached by walking if staying at one of the B&B in the center of Rome for Christmas 2012 will give a festively decorated rooms with small Christmas trees with small mangers and special offers.


Hotels rome Center for Epiphany

Hotels in Rome center had special offers to promote the Epiphany. Sunday, January 6, 2013, is a holiday that cannot be missed for a very pleasant winter stay in Rome: the tradition that Epiphany is celebrated in the magnificent and ancient Roman square of Piazza Navona. This square was built by the emperor Domitian as a stadium that could hold 30,000 spectators, and much later embellished by beautiful fountains of Bernini's  “4 fiumi” in front of the church of St. Agnes in Agony of Borromini and the Fountain of the Moor and Neptune. In this square banquets are prepared overflowing with gifts, children's gifts and delicacies and sweets for everyone. A little poem that describes the Befana comes from afar, coming from the mountains at nightime. She was tired, snow surrounding, frost and wind. In Rome, there is the tradition of hanging stockings on the hearth or near the Christmas tree waiting for the night between 5 and 6 of January when the witch riding a broomstick fly over the homes to fill sweet chocolates, fruit candies, tangerines, nuts, dried fruits and small gifts to good children and coal for bad children who have been naughty. Hotels in central Rome near Piazza Navona host tourists waiting to see Santa Claus, personified as a witch, arrive in a carriage with Santa Claus. The Holy Family that are set up in the Roman Churches throughout the Christmas period, arrives the three Kings from the far east, and the legend they are called Gaspar, Melchor and Baltasar. According to a religious version,  the 3 kings were directed to Bethlehem to bring gifts to the Baby Jesus such as gold, frankincense and myrrh.

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