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Special Offers from B&B in Rome near Spanish Steps

Numerous offers from B&B present at the Spanish Steps, not only one of the most famous squares of Rome but of the world. Known for its grand staircase made ​​of travertine during the 1700s to link the Bourbon Spanish Embassy to the Church of Trinita dei Monti, above the square, consisting of 135 steps and 12 ramps also includes various parking zones which were to serve as a meeting place and that even today are crowded with tourists and Romans. During spring and summer, the staircase is decorated with flowers and in the same period was also home to important fashion shows. Take advantage of offers of Bed and Breakfast near Spanish Steps, where you can easily reach this beautiful square and admire one of the most famous fountains of Rome, The Fountain of Four Rivers, located at the foot of the staircase and built by Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1627 on behalf of Pope Urban VIII of the Barberini family. Presumably it was inspired by a boat that ran aground in the same place where today we see the fountain, because of the flood and the subsequent flooding of the Tiber in 1598. From the fountain gushes water and many tourists stop to photograph it as well take the opportunity to drink and cool off.


Cheap Hotel in central Rome

Booking a cheap hotel in Rome is the ideal solution to have the opportunity to visit this wonderful city. Staying in the historical center in fact, you can just walk to all major cultural sights, such as monuments and squares of the most famous worldwide. Among the beautiful Roman squares worth to see are the elegant Piazza Navona and a few steps from there is the lively Campo de 'Fiori, which especially in warm weather remains full until late evenings. Along Via Giulia you can reach the Tiber and admire the Roman bridges over the Tiber with the city lights reflecting in its water, until you reach Piazza Trilussa and spending happy evenings will be a pleasure. Choosing a cheap hotel in Rome center will also provide the opportunity to go shopping more exclusive, starting from the Spanish Steps in Via Condotti or search for something unusual or handcrafts in Via del Governo Vecchio until finding eclectic fashion boutique at Campo de 'Fiori . Finally for those who want to spend a pleasant evening in Rome, taking advantage of offers of cheap hotels near Via Veneto, not necessarily along the elegant Via Bella Vita characteristic of the sixties, dine in one of the many sophisticated restaurants and get to Piazza Barberini not missing the beautiful Fontana del Tritone.


Hotel at Rome in August

Rome in August has organized numerous events and initiatives dedicated to those who decided this year to avoid crowdings on beaches. During this period, many hotels and B&B in central Rome have special offers for the August Holiday. Visit museums and exhibitions or wander the streets of downtown are not the only alternatives available.For example, along the banks of the river Tevere, is hosted the summer events. This is a free event which will be set up for entertaining handycraft booths, shopping, games and refreshments for everyone. August is the month dedicated to outdoor Roman evenings including concerts, films and "All’Ombra del Colosseo" the Roman festival dedicated to cabaret and comedy at the Parco del Celio, an arena of 2000 seats, a short walk from the amphitheater Flavio. Booking a Bed and Breakfast in central Rome, you can enjoy the day from the morning of August dedicated to shopping for the occasion will find the shops stay open, enjoy a delicious lunch in a typical restaurant in the historic center, enjoy the afternoon of all the shows organized for mid-August to reach the places where you play easily on foot and enjoy the a romantic evening stroll through the streets under the starry sky of the Roman evenings.


Hotels and B&B in Rome for August

Rome in August is shining, free from the chaos of everyday traffic is popular with tourists from around the world for its true essence. Hotels and B&B offer reduced rates for mid-August to give tourists a chance to visit Rome in a special period. Who decides to spend the August holiday in Rome has been provided by many museums and archaeological sites to remain open, like the Imperial Forums and the Colosseum for those who love archeology or a long walk the the original Appian road up to the mausoleum of Cecilia Metella . Booking a B&B or a hotel in the historic center of Rome for August holiday will take you to walk quietly the main sites of the city such as Via Veneto famous for its cafés, where you can stop to quench your thirst or enjoy an aperitif with VIPs, or the Spanish Steps where you can admire the famous staircase that continue to Via Condotti, where you can give yourself a shopping spree. For animal and nature lovers, you can organize a trip to the beautiful Zoo in Rome and attend the dinner of the animals together with the staff of the zoo and then go for a walk to cool under the shades of the trees of Villa Borghese. In addition to mid-August, seize the opportunity to stay in a B & B close to Piazza di Spagna where on the 14 August will hold a concert of famous tenors, sopranos and performances on piano, for the play "Aspettando Ferragosto", followed by a fireworks display to celebrate the arrival of August.

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