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Economical hotels in Rome center for December 8

Many hotels in the center of Rome are all eager to welcome the coming December 8, offering different discounts for the religious celebrations of the Immaculate Conception, the feast so dearly to the Romans. The festival will be held in the town center with access to the Piazza di Spagna, where the Holy Father will bring a wreath of flowers at the foot of the monument of the Virgin Mary, and bless the statue and all those present.
The praying worshippers will see a team of firefighters to put the wreath of white roses on top of the column of the Immaculate Conception statue designed by the architect Luigi Poletti and inaugurated in 1857.
This festivity, before Christmas, can be spent in Rome and will be an opportunity for tourists to visit the celebrations of 8 December in nearby churches in Via Veneto, like the Chiesa Romana dei Cappuccini, or in the nearby Villa Borghese, the Piazza di Siena , where the Church of Santa Maria Immacolata inside the so-called Raphael's house, where the painter from Urbino painted and built it in the late eighteenth century allowed by Prince Marcantonio Borghese.
Leveraging one of the offers of the hotels in Rome center for December 8 is ideal for walking in the streets in which this day will celebrate more.


Offers from hotels in Rome center for Halloween

On October 31, Rome, the capital, will be a date to remember: with promotions and special offers from hotels in the historic center, one would remember a never miss appointment with "la notte delle streghe" in Rome center. The festive and magically gloomy night includes events celebrating a carnival in advance: organizing a big party creating the environment of fun and ghoulish Halloween night.  A full round of dances and masquerades in the streets of the city of Rome, fun is guaranteed. For the occasion, Tolentino Suites, located on the corner of the most famous Roman road, the Via Veneto, just famous for the entertaining Fellini’s  film, will welcome you in an environment recreated for the spirit of Halloween where blacks pointy hats of witches and wizards, curved orange pumpkins, lighted candles, will make the guestrooms cozy during your pleasant and enjoyable stay. The children were originally the real stars of the American way of Halloween, involves receiving free candy or different tricks to do on the night of witches. The magical atmosphere is not lost in the party, imported from downtown Rome and indie in the hotels in Rome center for Halloween is enhanced with celebration, party, and typical menus for haunted evening and will accompany you until late morning.


B&B in Rome center for Halloween

In the night of October 31, every year the B&B in Rome center at Halloween accommodate lots of tourists from all over the world indulge in jokes and dancing until late morning, walking in the street with a masked, black witch hat or wizard and holding carved orange pumpkin or a lit candle. In Rome, the Halloween party is celebrated in a completely different way from the original, born as a festival for children in America who play from door to door of neighbors, almost threatening them with the phrase "trick or treat" to receive gifts or to make jokes for those who do not give anything and now also become a true Roman tradition also and especially for adults and the most haunted night of the year, they get to celebrate in the premises of the old town, in restaurants, pub where they can for all sorts of fun. Halloween celebrations are common in various parts of the world, but in Rome and in the heart of it, is characterized as a party night to make merry and be a joy evoking imaginary phantoms and getting delicious sweets. For this special night B&B at Rome center welcomes guests with the different special offers for Halloween.


Hotels in Rome center for 100 euros in September

Rome, known as the Eternal City has the reputation of the focal points of its history and art. We suggest an itinerary for a weekend to spend looking for these aspects, advising you to choose one of the possible hotels with offers 100 euro in downtown Rome in September. The first day you can start the walk from the Baths of Caracalla, along the Circus Maximus, where in ancient Rome, held competitions and games of various kinds. Continuing, to see the Park of Trojan and Nero's Golden House until you reach the symbol of Rome, the Colosseum. Nearby, it is also possible to visit the Imperial Forums, a series of squares that were built in about 150 years (from 46 BC to 113 AD) by number of Roman emperors as a separate administrative activities and celebrations during the imperial age. Concluding the day one will reach the Vittoriano Complex and the famous Piazza Venezia. On the second day you can enjoy nature and art, starting from your hotel in the center of Rome, taking advantage of the proposals offered at 100 euros, walking Villa Ada and Villa Borghese and go to the Auditorium Parco della Musica to attend many concerts offered in September and at the Gallery of Modern Art to visit the exhibitions on display this time of year. The last day you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Rome from the Gianicolo hill watching in the park of Villa Doria Pamphili, and back down to spend an evening in one of a tipical local Roman restaurants of Trastevere.

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