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B&B in Rome for 50 euro in August

Rome, known as the "Eternal City", is one of the most famous and most visited tourist destinations in the world. It is the city with the highest concentration of art-historical monumental heritage that is second to none, so that tourists have to organize themselves and set themselves goals to remember. There are several possibilities to stay in Rome not only in luxury hotels, but there are the promotions offered by B&B in Rome for as low as 50 euros on August. To visit Rome, it would be better to stay at least 2 or 3 days, planning a tour in the historic center to visit the landmarks of Rome, the Colosseum, the largest Roman amphitheater is part of the seven wonders of the modern world. From B&B in the historic center you can wander the streets emptied in August and also easily reach the green areas of Rome, in fact there are many historic parks that make it the greenest city in Europe and thus relax in these parks after visits numerous museums and monuments. A famous proverb says that: "Per conoscere Roma non basta una vita” (To know Rome is not just a life), but you should take advantage of offers from B&B on 50 August to extend your vacation in this city and know it more deeply.


Luxurious Bed and Breakfast in the Center of Rome

Suggestions for those travelers seeking an alternative to the charm of hotels are several luxurious Bed and Breakfast in Rome center, as the Tolentino Suites. Here, every detail is a way to rediscover the preciousness of the materials and furnishings, the continuous search for balance between the historical tradition of Rome with its colors and its geometry and modern comfort, making the Tolentino Suites an ideal place for sleeping in Rome in complete serenity and tranquility. In the historical center of Rome, our B&B welcomes you in its magnificent rooms minor detail in one of the most charming street of Rome, along the spectacular Via Veneto just a few steps from Piazza di Spagna. The luxury of Tolentino Suites is reflected in all its bright rooms, equipped with independent air conditioning, internet access and mini bar. The service was impeccable, thanks to years of industry experience, designed to quickly and efficiently meet your every need, offering à la carte breakfast service where you can choose how to start your day to explore Rome. Our customers are free to enter and exit from the structure in complete autonomy. A luxury stay in B&B Tolentino Suites you will enjoy a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that will be hard to forget.


Offers by Hotels and B&B near Trevi Fountain

The most famous fountain in the world is here in Rome: the Trevi Fountain. Represents one of the most visited tourist destinations in the city and make a reservation at an hotel and B&B near Fontana di Trevi means being able to easily walk to enjoy a unique spectacle. The fountain is the final element of the Vergine aquaduct, one of the most ancient Roman aquaducts still in use since the time of Augustus, built by Vipsanio Agrippa in 19 B.C., to feed the Roman baths, the time they had built the Pantheon. The current baroque fountain was completed by the architect Nicolò Salvi in 1732 started 100 years earlier by Bernini. The Trevi fountain is famous for a legend according to which whoever throws a coin in it, will return to Rome. Even today, tourists follow this legend and the fountain is filled with coins from tourists in every states. Often you can take advantage of the cheapest hotels and Bed and Breakfast near the Trevi Fountain to get walking in the streets of Rome as the most famous Spanish Steps, Piazza Barberini and the Pantheon. In addition to this famous fountain was the splendid backdrop of a famous Fellini film "La Dolce Vita", in which the scene with the irrepressible Anita Ekberg who bathes in the waters of the fountain by Marcello Mastroianni, has become the symbol of the cinema of the twentieth century.


Special Offers from B&B in Rome near Spanish Steps

Numerous offers from B&B present at the Spanish Steps, not only one of the most famous squares of Rome but of the world. Known for its grand staircase made ​​of travertine during the 1700s to link the Bourbon Spanish Embassy to the Church of Trinita dei Monti, above the square, consisting of 135 steps and 12 ramps also includes various parking zones which were to serve as a meeting place and that even today are crowded with tourists and Romans. During spring and summer, the staircase is decorated with flowers and in the same period was also home to important fashion shows. Take advantage of offers of Bed and Breakfast near Spanish Steps, where you can easily reach this beautiful square and admire one of the most famous fountains of Rome, The Fountain of Four Rivers, located at the foot of the staircase and built by Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1627 on behalf of Pope Urban VIII of the Barberini family. Presumably it was inspired by a boat that ran aground in the same place where today we see the fountain, because of the flood and the subsequent flooding of the Tiber in 1598. From the fountain gushes water and many tourists stop to photograph it as well take the opportunity to drink and cool off.

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