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Hotels Rome Trevi Fountain

Rome is one of the major destinations for tourists from all over the world. Its history and culture make it an open-air museum with its many monuments that make it famous as the Colosseum and Via dei Fori Imperiali. For every tourist who comes to Rome, staying at hotels in the historical center is a must to visit one of his most famous fountains such as the Trevi Fountain, where, according to Roman legend throwing in a coin will let one return to the Eternal City. Rome, as the home of Catholicism, is also the goal of all the pilgrims and visit Pope Francis to attend his sermons in St. Peter's Square and to visualize the beautiful Basilica adorned with magnificent frescoes such as those in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. Staying in a hotel in Rome near Trevi Fountain is also convenient for easy access to the many restaurants and local taverns of the historic center and savor the famous dishes of the Roman culinary tradition, such as "gnocchi", "pasta carbonara", lamb, the roman artichokes and tipical sweets such as ”il maritozzo” with sour cream and the "grattachecca".


Summer weekend b & b Rome

Are you planning your vacation ? Then think to spend a weekend at a B & B in a city of art and culture as Rome this summer. You'll find it empty of traffic and shinning in all its beauty and imperial majesty. You will also find easy access to museums and exhibits that will be open throughout the summer as the Vatican Museums, will also enrich extraordinary evenings, open during the summer. But the event also reserves the Roman summer for music fans, the capital will guest the Rolling Stones for their On Fire Tour and James Blunt at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. So, then book immediately a weekend at a B & B in Rome for the summer and you will find great rates for advance bookings. Rome also has a green heart in the center of the city ideal for those who, after long walks through the streets and monuments of the historic center, wants to rest in shades of ancient trees like those of Villa Pamphili and Villa Borghese. Here you'll find lush green lawns on which to relax and breathtaking vantage points from which to admire the city from the top of one of the hills of Rome as the Pincio.


B & B Rome center for families with babysitting service

Are you thinking of a trip with your family? So book now a B & B in Rome center for families with babysitting service so you can stay in a city of art unique in the world such as Rome and take advantage of a service for the little ones that will allow you to explore the city with ease. There are many events and exhibits organized for the months of April and May and for families who book a B & B in Rome with a babysitting service will be an opportunity to exploit. Or, all together with all the family there are also attractions for children who come to Rome, such as the zoo of Rome, which is one of the most beautiful biopark of Italy, where it has recently opened a new area for the orangutans and the arrival of a pair of Italian wolves. Or, the whole family can engage walking in the most beautiful park in Rome, the Villa Borghese, renting bicycles for four, where even the youngest children can climb. So do not wait, book now at a B & B in Rome for the entire family for an unforgettable stay.


B & B Rome's historic center special prices

Want to stay in Rome, but afraid of excessive prices? Don’t worry booking a B & B in Rome's historic center and find advantageous price. In fact, with little, one can stay in the heart of the city without spending too much and take advantage of the facilities that are made available to its guests all the modern amenities, such as free wifi, mini bar and satellite tv. Take advantage of the arrival of beautiful spring days to visit the city of art as Rome at affordable prices B & B other than those of hotels and enjoy pleasant strolls in the streets of the city in search of sights and unique landscapes, such as that from the Pincio terrace from which can admire the Roman rooftops to the amazing dome of St. Peter and feel a bit of Rome and its true great beauty. In addition, in these months are exhibits not to be missed such as one of the French sculptor Rodin at the Terme di Diocleziano, whose works of marble seems to come to life. Do not wait, seize right now our offers and special prices of B & B in Rome for a fantastic holiday in Rome.


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