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Special Opening municipal Museums of Rome

A fantastic initiative came open throughout the summer the city's museums, with permanent exhibitions and shows held every Saturday night until 3 September from 20.0 hours to 1 .00. The museums involved are: the Capitoline Museums, Centrale Montemartini, Markets of Trajan, the Ara Pacis Museum, Museum of Rome Palazzo Braschi, Museum of Rome in Trastevere, Napoleonic Museum, Museum Barracco, Musei di Villa Torlonia Museo Pietro Canonica Museo Carlo Bilotti, Via Nizza Macro, Macro Testaccio, Museum of Roman Civilization, Planetarium, Museum of Zoology, Museum of the Roman Republic and Memory Garibaldi.

Throughout the summer, locals and tourists can visit these museums on Saturday night, the ticket pagand planned at the museum or museums chosen. Some museums have also joined the initiative in Rome Scene, thanks to this host various events and performances in the ticket purchased for the museum visit will also include the vision of the show or event taking place.



Until September 25, 2011, Rome hosts the exhibition of the sculptor Ercole Drei, the museum at the Villa Borghese Rome canonical. The sculptor, draftsman and painter, born in Faenza, Roman by adoption but has left some of his works in Rome such as the bronze statuette Ecstasy of Love, Portrait of a friend and dancer with the rim.

Around the works date back to 1913. Afterwards, Tweety, bronze, 1921, 1934, Sappho, a marble statue of the same name. The works of the 50 'and 60', such as Vanity, Diana the huntress, Poetry, Step Dance and Spring, these works dedicated to the female nude. At the exhibition there will be testimony to the interest and the interest in the decorative arts of ceramics, are also offered a number of paintings, chosen among the best known, among them a portrait of his wife in a costume that portrays his wife Margaret Montanari in a dress a lady 800. To complement the exhibition there will be sixteen drawings in pencil and / or charcoal, where the artist expresses his interest in the portraits of nude men and women.

There will be a video where you can admire the works for the city of Rome as: work and saving, the plaque for the Queen Margaret in Via Veneto, the Monument to Alfredo Oriani and much more.

Days and times: Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 to 19.00 Ticket Prices: Adults Euro 5.50, Euro 4.50 Reduced



Today we offer a list of clubs details that we can find near the Colosseum, which attracts tourists but also Roman. Besides being a meeting point between art and history, the area also offers us fun.

Just in front of the Colosseum, in the baths of Titus 72, we find Opium Coffee, American bar, restaurant and pizzeria. The Sunday event offers live music, making available depending on the season, the outdoor terrace where you can dine or have a drink while admiring the Colosseum lit. Thanks to the website you can find contacts, a calendar of local and photo gallery where you can find the dates of scheduled events. A typical Irish pubs to drink, listen to music and watch sports on the big screen, is the Shamrock.

The room is equipped with a large dining room for smokers and stays open until two o'clock at night, even during holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.. . Even this room is provided with a place to find all the information. Via Capo d'Africa by moving to find a room dedicated to beer, this is the pub's Folk Tree, dedicated to the lovers of this drink, they can find different varieties of Budweiser to the Real Ale and a wide variety of drinks including homemade hops.

Open every day until two in the morning, visiting the web page you will find useful information and many different proposals. Café Café: is a French bistro, a place where you can find Mediterranean cuisine and tea with a menu that offers a wide selection of teas, herbal teas and infusions, you can find the site offers and how to achieve it. For a quick lunch or a drink made of wine and jazz, the place is suitable Pentagrappolo. Heading via S. John Lateran are coming out, the restaurant, a pub, which is inspired by the New York bar and organize events such as messaging, dragshow, live music. Turning to the Colosseum you can find many other places where you can spend a different evening.


Visiting the Colosseum

Rome offers a wide range of monuments, museums and tourist sites, the Colosseum is the one preferred by most tourists and is assaulted every day by hundreds of tourists, who stay for hours to admire it from outside or visiting him at 'inside. It is located in the hills of the Velia, Celio, Opium and Fagutale, around which we can find the park of Trajan, the great Roman Forum, Circus Maximus and more. The air of the Coliseum and then contains very interesting historical places you can visit during your stay in Rome, they give off an unmistakable magic during the evening visits at nightfall.

After a day dedicated to tourism, it is time to look for a place to take a break or even to eat, even here the Coliseum does not disappoint offering different opportunities, we find the coffee martini in front of the Colosseum, where you can eat being a pizza restaurant. Or you can dine while admiring some of the amphitheater by heading in the restaurant Grillo Brillo. After lunch you can go shopping since, the Coliseum is not far from main streets of the city's leisure.

Let's talk about the Colosseum version "By Night", a fantastic image pierces the hearts of this great view illuminated under the starry sky, which does not move away from this beautiful landscape you decide to spend the night near this great amphitheater, beginning, from 'continue with a cocktail and dinner at the imposing monument.

At Via Capo d'Africa is at our disposal Maud, American bar and restaurant, modern and minimalist environment that offers the opportunity to savor the Italian, Spanish and Eastern Europe.

If you want to enjoy classic Roman cuisine, enjoy a pizza from a wood all accompanied by an excellent wine can not miss the Ragno d'Oro dinner. Throughout the year, but especially in the summer around this fantastic air there are many events full of fun, with music, art, comedy, fitness, food and wine events and more. During the night life you can find many local streets adjacent, side by side. The Colosseum never disappoints, Romans and tourists!

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