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How to choose a B&B in the center of Rome

The B & B nowadays in Rome have become so many that the choice may be very simple but at the same time also difficult because often book hotels or b & b of poor quality with belowaverage service and above all, the staffs were not attentive to the needs of tourists . The choice can start for a b & b in the economical center of Rome, visiting various reliable web portals or simply rely on trusted travel agents. The choice of a b & b in downtown Rome canalso be characterized by visiting some internet sites of reviews that show high or low qualityfor some of the structures in the most famous areas in Rome such as Piazza di Spagna, ViaVeneto, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Colosseum and the Vatican. Most of thetimes as the price is low, the service is poor or in other cases, maybe the structures does not have that much costs involved such as the rent of the structure and so can afford to lower the price. The choice of an economical b & b in the center can also be characterized according to the period of the season, for example during spring, the rates are very high as there are lots of inquiries from tourists around the world whose looking for hotels and b & b in the heart of the historic center of Rome. The best months to find low prices are the months of January,February, November and August.


Offers bed and breakfast in Rome center for the Epiphany

Also this year after thousand Christmas lights that run the more prestigious Rome streets, as Via Condotti and Via Margutta, the great feast of Epiphany will come celebrated with great feasts and special cakes in the famous Piazza Navona. The offers of the b & b in center of Rome for the Epiphany are every year more and more effective than other Italian city. The b & b historic center of Rome have become real small hotels with their comfort and service. The rates of the offers b & b in Rome center for the
Epiphany for a double room with private bathroom and all of its facilities from 100 euros to 150 euros per night per room. Many b & b in Rome center for the Epiphany are decorated with festoons, puppets and the famous socks of the Epiphany with hard coal. Offers bed and breakfast in Rome center for Epiphany offer many facilities including sparkling wine included in the price at check-in, red roses in a room with a rich welcome bathroom kit with shower slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste and other items that are attractive to tourists. Offers bed and breakfast in central Rome for the Epiphany some included a transfer service from Fiumicino Airport and from Ciampino Airport with large, comfortable cars, while numerous offers of bed and breakfast in Rome center to Epiphany including special packages cinema and sports sky.


Special New Year's Eve in Rome center

Special New Year's Eve in Rome center:

Spend New Year's Eve in Rome particularly in the must
important street of the center, as Via Condotti, Via Frattina, Via del Corso and Via Veneto and certainly the more exciting period of the year. Despite the economic crisis, there is an air of peace and serenity, also you can taste a good plate of carbonara in Trastevere and can admire the famous Santa Claus to the attention of children who are always on the streets in celebration. Special offers for New Year's Eve in hotels in Rome center are always more frequent to attract attention world-wide travel, especially to know this beautiful eternal city. The hotels in Rome usually in the New Year period are divinely decorated with festoons of red kinds. The special offers of hotels in Rome center are usually very competitive compared to other cities given the continued opening of new hotels in the capital. Now houses, b & b, hotels and accommodation in Rome many have become with their special New Year offer tourists stay cheap but high quality. Last minute in Rome are more and more recommended by the most big tour operators who advertise the capital of the world around the globe. They are high-level suites in Rome low cost and good service in the New Year period and also during the Epiphany. They are special, but always quality during the New Year in Rome center as well as in hotels but also in clothing, such as leather stores located in the proximity of the famous Trevi Fountain.


accommodation for christmas period in central rome

Accommodation in central Rome for Christmas.
What better time to visit Rome if not during the Christmas holidays?
Of course, accommodation in Rome center for Christmas and better to be sure you can find an excellent and refined accommodation in the heart of the capital with great advance.
Tolentino Suites offers accommodation in central Rome for home at very affordable prices for the value for price.
Accommodation in center of Rome offers rides home from the best shopping streets, lit with various decorations, colorful flowers, and various cultural events, all to the sound of bells, singing and bagpipes.
Accommodation in Rome center also offers the chance for Christmas to taste the famous and hot crackers sold in the most prestigious and historic streets of the capital.
This surely will make you stay live wonderful moments in the splendid Roman squares like those of "Trinita' dei Monti ", the "Trevi Fountain"," Piazza Navona ", the Pantheon," Campo dei Fiori", and stroll around the famous street of the painters and the wealthy Margutta Baboon on the road.
We expect to spend a peaceful and happy Christmas at Tolentino Suites Rome.

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