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Bed and Breakfasts offers 40 euros for the carnival in Rome center

Back again this year that the Roman Carnival fill the city of great events and fun festivals. You can find great deals on this occasion from B & B for 40 euros for the carnival in Rome center. The Roman Carnival, initiated in the middle ages and was done in the center, particularly in via del corso were majority of carnival will be celebrated. Hotels and B & B in the historic center of Rome at 40 euros per person offer luxurious rooms and give you the chance to enjoy all the shows organized along the streets of Rome. You can participate from February 26 until March 8, 2012 in many events to celebrate the carnival. Our B & B offers 40 euros for carnival in Rome center, you will find all the places of the carnival of Rome such as Piazza Navona, where you will find games, organized performances and fireworks, Piazza del Popolo, where the starting point of the most important Carnival event, the race of the Berbers, Via del Corso, along which a race will take place which will end in Piazza Venezia. Then do not miss the offers of B & B for the carnival in Rome center, where you can watch the great spectacle of international level "Great horse show, Horses of Rome" to be held in Piazza del Popolo or dance groups and Latin American music to enliven the streets from Piazza Venezia through the Roman Forum, to the Arch of Constantine, to the Colosseum. Take advantage of b & b offers at 40 euros for Carnival Center in Rome  and not miss the celebration which is the most entertaining of the year.


Suites for Valentine's Day in center of Rome

Lovers around the world! Tolentino Suites wishes Good Evening!

for the most romantic night of the year; this coming February 14 we will await you with comfortable rooms, located in a caracteristic and quiet street in the heart of Rome, near the Via Veneto, where, on the feast of St Valentine, lovers, hand in hand, can stroll and enjoy a coffee in the famous bars of the "dolce vita"! And then continuing, take a romantic journey to the nearby Villa Borghese, in the extraordinary setting you can to capture your day with pictures of romantic Valentine’s Day in the heart of the eternal city, in front of numerous artistic fountains, Bernini's Tritone in Piazza Barberini and from Barberini on the way to via Veneto and the famous Trevi Fountain, hand in hand, reachable by feet.

Our offer for the couple in love of suites on Valentine's Day includes:

an elegant check-in with two glasses of a typical Roman wine in room for a toast of welcome greeting!

Possibility to book a dinner by candlelight in one of the typical and traditional restaurant of the city, by choice, organized specifically in center of Rome for the February 14!

and a romantic and abundant breakfast will wait you with caffè espresso, cappuccino, croissant and fruit juices.


Ideas for Valentine’s Day in the Center of Rome

This year the feast of St. Valentine, February 14, comes along with the roman carnival and the following Thursday is the giovedi grasso tradition and the Saturday after, sabato grasso, also  marks the closing of the Roman carnival.
In an atmosphere of festivity and romance, many typical Roman restaurants in Trastevere or in different areas with elegant tones and the best restaurants in the city center, couples in love will celebrate the double feast of St. Valentine and the Carnival!
In Trastevere, as Ideas for Valentine’s Day in the Center of Rome, you can taste the real Roman cuisine and above all enjoy the Roman atmosphere with traditional songs, folk songs and roman dances of Raguntino, even the Roman carnival masks.

A wide range of offerings for entertainments, dancing, floats, which can assist couples for Valentine's Day in the frames of the Colosseum and the Fori Imperiali.

Special package from Tolentino Suites is Ideas for Valentine’s Day in the Center of Rome, incluted a special breakfast with the typical carnival frappe! The friendly staff of the suite can be book for a romantic dinner in a restaurant in the downtown area, you can ask to book for an ideal place with an atmosphere of intimacy.

Plan and book now a romantic Valentine's Day in the centerof Rome!

Events and displays perpetuate the tradition of warm welcome of the typical Romans by the various suggestions for  Valentine's Day and that of the Carnival!

The municipality of Rome has revived the tradition of carnival in the capital with exceptional performances and entertainments, amusing parades in the downtown streets and in the central Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Navona.

There is also a great mask ball that will animate the city, attract tourists from all over the world.
Participate all of you who are in love, soak-in the romantic atmosphere of the feast of St. Valentine and the festive atmosphere of the Carnival in the center of the city that will be specially arranged for the occasion to host shows of art and the traditional masks of Rugantino, Meo Petacci, the Roman Pulcinelli and many others.
A Valentine's Day is an enjoyable period and in addition offers the pairs of lovers the opportunity of knowing many cultural and social aspects.


Hotel and b&b during Valentine’s day in Rome

Also this year, for Valentine's Day 2012 in Rome, will be celebrating as decorative February 14 with many special activities on the part of businesses and especially from hotels and b&b. In downtown Rome. Hotels promote their rooms for this holiday as of January with good prices and various services included in the price such as service of breakfast in the room, flowers and champagne to welcome during check-in. The hotels and b&b in downtown Rome are obviously more popular simply because  spending romantic moments with your beautiful destination, Fontana di Trevi, or maybe treat yourselves to high fashion dresses and  carry-ons in the fascinating and unique via condotti. There are also offers that comes from restaurants in downtown Rome, dishes and live music, very characteristic and also a nice walk through the streets of Rome or with beautiful horse-driven carriage that you can take in the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona . Special stay in Rome center for this period are often found on the internet on various internet sites or in their trusted travel agents. Or it might be a good idea to give your partner for Valentine's Day a wonderful stay in the suites of hotels or b&b at the center of Rome, and there are also many nightclubs that you can find in Rome center for Valentine's Day with offers of tickets that can also be ordered in the same hotel or b&b, and you will also find numerous decorations of flowers and hearts on the streets in the commercial center of Rome.

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