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Inn Rome Hotel

When you decide to travel, even for a short vacation, the choice of the accommodation, especially in a big city, is the main research.
This is certainly true for anyone who wants to stay in Rome: inn Rome hotel, with a short walking distance to visit the most important monuments and the most beautiful villas and gardens, makes the tourist feel at ease and after a short time he fits in Roman society.
Finding the right inn Rome hotel, with charming rooms and family atmosphere and modern comforts at affordable prices, is the basis of the ideal stay.
The good character of the Romans and their hospitality can offer to you a pleasant stay even in different periods and not particularly crowded; for example for the entire month of September there is also outdoor events surrounded by nature such as the one at the center of Villa Borghese, the Globe Theatre, a copy of the world famous Shakespearean theatre with the possibility of open air seats and surrounding seats in the auditorium.  When looking up to the sky, during Roman starry nights, you can enjoy really famous "midsummer night's dream"! A five minute walk from the Globe Theatre, you can arrive to the very elegant inn Rome hotel, the Tolentino Suites.


Accommodation central Rome

The first thing to consider when choosing a hotel is what you want from a hotel or suites or other accommodation. The fundamental factor is to find a structure that suits your needs: there isn't a better hotel, but a hotel for you. Avoid unnecessary luxury, because often the holidays pass so quickly that there is no time to use all the hotel services, the Board is to establish the services that matter most to you, in a city like Rome sometimes time is not enough even to be able to visit for good.

Find Accommodation in hotel in central Rome is certainly very beneficial because it is very close to and connected with monuments, museums, main thoroughfares and more. Very often, however, stay in a hotel in the center of Rome requires a very high cost, so be careful with offers convenience and luxury that many can offer compared to other less comfortable. Choose a hotel away from the center, often takes several inconveniences such as not being able to reach the center in a short time, given that most of the history and art of this city is located in this area.

You can also find affordable hotel in central Rome, at prices equal to those a little 'more distant if not more convenient. A very important advice: on your choice, you can help a lot of the opinions of other tourists, then go to see reviews about hotels, see what others think of hospitality, comfort and price.


Special Opening municipal Museums of Rome

A fantastic initiative came open throughout the summer the city's museums, with permanent exhibitions and shows held every Saturday night until 3 September from 20.0 hours to 1 .00. The museums involved are: the Capitoline Museums, Centrale Montemartini, Markets of Trajan, the Ara Pacis Museum, Museum of Rome Palazzo Braschi, Museum of Rome in Trastevere, Napoleonic Museum, Museum Barracco, Musei di Villa Torlonia Museo Pietro Canonica Museo Carlo Bilotti, Via Nizza Macro, Macro Testaccio, Museum of Roman Civilization, Planetarium, Museum of Zoology, Museum of the Roman Republic and Memory Garibaldi.

Throughout the summer, locals and tourists can visit these museums on Saturday night, the ticket pagand planned at the museum or museums chosen. Some museums have also joined the initiative in Rome Scene, thanks to this host various events and performances in the ticket purchased for the museum visit will also include the vision of the show or event taking place.



Until September 25, 2011, Rome hosts the exhibition of the sculptor Ercole Drei, the museum at the Villa Borghese Rome canonical. The sculptor, draftsman and painter, born in Faenza, Roman by adoption but has left some of his works in Rome such as the bronze statuette Ecstasy of Love, Portrait of a friend and dancer with the rim.

Around the works date back to 1913. Afterwards, Tweety, bronze, 1921, 1934, Sappho, a marble statue of the same name. The works of the 50 'and 60', such as Vanity, Diana the huntress, Poetry, Step Dance and Spring, these works dedicated to the female nude. At the exhibition there will be testimony to the interest and the interest in the decorative arts of ceramics, are also offered a number of paintings, chosen among the best known, among them a portrait of his wife in a costume that portrays his wife Margaret Montanari in a dress a lady 800. To complement the exhibition there will be sixteen drawings in pencil and / or charcoal, where the artist expresses his interest in the portraits of nude men and women.

There will be a video where you can admire the works for the city of Rome as: work and saving, the plaque for the Queen Margaret in Via Veneto, the Monument to Alfredo Oriani and much more.

Days and times: Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 to 19.00 Ticket Prices: Adults Euro 5.50, Euro 4.50 Reduced

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