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accommodation for christmas period in central rome

Accommodation in central Rome for Christmas.
What better time to visit Rome if not during the Christmas holidays?
Of course, accommodation in Rome center for Christmas and better to be sure you can find an excellent and refined accommodation in the heart of the capital with great advance.
Tolentino Suites offers accommodation in central Rome for home at very affordable prices for the value for price.
Accommodation in center of Rome offers rides home from the best shopping streets, lit with various decorations, colorful flowers, and various cultural events, all to the sound of bells, singing and bagpipes.
Accommodation in Rome center also offers the chance for Christmas to taste the famous and hot crackers sold in the most prestigious and historic streets of the capital.
This surely will make you stay live wonderful moments in the splendid Roman squares like those of "Trinita' dei Monti ", the "Trevi Fountain"," Piazza Navona ", the Pantheon," Campo dei Fiori", and stroll around the famous street of the painters and the wealthy Margutta Baboon on the road.
We expect to spend a peaceful and happy Christmas at Tolentino Suites Rome.


accommodation Colosseum and Pantheon

Accommodation in rome between Colosseum and Pantheon at Christmas.
Certainly for the tourists who come from all over the world and is a good opportunity to visit the city during the most beautiful period of year.
Accommodation in center of Rome between the Pantheon and Colosseum in Christmas ideal for exploring the beautiful cribs in the most famous churches and basilicas of the city as that of the Vatican and the Pope to attend the Mass and the blessing of Christmas.
Tolentino Suites accommodation in center of rome between the Pantheon and the Colosseum during the Christmas period will make you spend quiet moments, unforgettable and romantic fine restaurants in the capital which will be recommended by the Tolentino Suites present in your every request in the know the most beautiful and famous sights of Rome on Christmas Day.
Accommodation in Rome center between the Pantheon and Colosseum in the Christmas special that will Tolentino Suites traditional Christmas decorations lined allow you to experience the magic of Christmas time, where he will' also provided an excellent sparkling wine to toast the magical Christmas 2011.
Tolentino Suite wish you warm nights in an excellent accommodation in a hotel in the historic center of Rome in Via San Nicola da Tolentino 50.


The center of Rome

The center of Rome is located  within the Aurelian walls and walls Gianicolensi, at the left and right of the river Tiber, in 1980 was officially recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Inside the center there are over 25,000 environmental and archaeological points of interest. The territory within the walls is divided into 22 districts, are among the principal: "Mountains", ie the Celio, Esquilino, Opium, the Quirinal and the Interior Ministry. "Trevi" says the word, is situated next to Trevi's square.

"Column", the name comes from the column dedicated to Marcus Aurelius, which is located in the homonymous square. "Campus Martius", was an area of ​​ancient Rome, was named after Mars, god of war, in this air are the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo. "Saint Eustace" derives its name from the church and in this air there are the madama palace  and the Senate.

"St. Angelo" is the smallest of the districts, the name comes from the church, and here we find the Ghetto. "Trastevere" is located on the west bank of the Tiber, south of Vatican City, the district is a symbol of the Roman People. "The Esquiline" was an unhealthy area where they were buried slaves, here is the great Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the main door. "Castro Pretorio" whose name refers to the old barracks at time of Emperor Tiberius, wherethe Praetorian Guard  were staying , in this air there is the Opera House and the Porta Pia.

"The Celio," in this area we find the famous Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. "Testaccio" takes its name from the Monte dei Cocci, formed by fragments and debris accumulated over the centuries as they did waste transport to the port of Ripa Grande. This is a small framework that encompasses some of the major neighborhoods, everyone has an ancient history, all have symbolic monuments within their air and they all deserve to be admired.


Central Rome Restaurants

Via Veneto is one of the streets of excellence for recreation and fun, for all ages. Many clubs offer the opportunity to make an  happy hour, appetizers, and much more ... But now let's talk about restaurants offers in the famous street  La Dolce Vita.

"Chinappi", was founded in 2006, the excellent recipes of the plates arrive every day from the south of Lazio, fresh fish daily from the Gulf of Gaeta, a few steps from the restaurant it's possible to find the famous Porta Pia . Along the way we run into the restaurant "Gaetano Costa," a small restaurant that serves 55 people but with skill and advance reservations can be up to 70 seats, with the innovative design, where in the lower floor there are  two smaller rooms  for special occasions.

This restaurant is not just for lunch or dinner, but you can also taste different varieties of tea from China, India, Japan and Vietnam, carefully selected by the chef. This spirit is called "Afternoon Tea", takes place from 16 to 19 every afternoon, they can also match the actual paths pastry tasting.

The kitchen in general offers both meat and fish dishes alternative for people with celiac disease. "The Barberini Osteria" is a traditional Roman restaurant, where you can taste all the typical dishes of Roman cuisine in a comfortable environment accompanied by a warm atmosphere of Rome. There are 40 available seats, divided into 3 rooms with air conditioning, background music, Jazz and Swing. Three restaurants offer meals and services of various type, for all tastes, trying everything immersed in the "Dolce Vita" in Rome.

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