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Dream: to live in a luxury suite in the center of Rome

We know that the dream of every foreigner has to visit  once in their lifetime Rome the Eternal City. There are also those groups of tourists, who arrived in Rome caught a dream of spending the rest of their lives in this magical city, perhaps in a luxury suite at the center of Rome. Of course this great city offers plenty of luxury hotels with a wide range of choice of suites that are located in the heart of a noble city.
The choice of a suite, you will be made ​​based on their tastes. You can find suites of twenty square meters with full amenities, suites up to one hundred and fifty square meters, where in addition to comfort, you can find gardens and swimming pools inside or outside the room. For lovers of well-being there is the possibility of living in a spa suites surrounded by many hotels provide, their most difficult clients. Living in a suite in the center of Rome is truly a dream, every night you can look out and to observe the beauties that Rome offers.



Accommodation via veneto piazza Barberini Rome

When you walk into the Via Veneto in Rome, come to mind the '50s, when the street was packed with people both day and  night, in search of fame and scandal. Still today, you prefer to find an Accommodation at Via Veneto or the "piazza Barberini" , to relive those wonderful years, the sweet life told by Federico Fellini.
The tourists and the Roman citizens, are still attracted by the locals as Doney, where the guests sitting in the sun, eager to get a chance to become an actor, to play at Cinecittà or the possibility of appearing on some magazine.
Still worth a visit and a tempting appetizer.
The historical memory of that period, and remained to this day, in fact anyone who wants to sleep in Via Veneto, prefer find  a luxury accommodation , just down the main street via veneto, or in Piazza Barberini, a short walk before evening, or  for a few hours of shopping.
For a moment you can relive the emotions of that time and hear the echo of noises, voices of the people of the Roman nights past.


Accommodation Pantheon Rome

Another monument that is a must  for those who spend their vacations in Rome is the Pantheon.
For this monument too , for appreciate it in all its details, it's better to start your visit early in the morning after
have found an hotel accommodation at the Pantheon, becouse as the Colosseum or the Trevi fountain in the middle morning, thousands of tourists are already ready to get in.
Tourists who observes the pantheon for the first time, are strucked by her dome with its 43.3 meters in diameter (the most
largest ever built in concrete) that rivals the height of the building,  it's considers a true architectural masterpiece.
For tourists looking for luxury accommodation at the Pantheon, the Tolentino Suites, offer a beautiful luxury suites
in very competitive prices. And 'in fact, it's considered one of the most prestigius accommodation Near the pantheon.


Accommodation Trevi Fountain Rome

The Trevi Fountain is one of  the most beautiful fountains in Rome, an obligatory stop for tourists. Finding an accommodation in near the
Trevi Fountain, means being able to admire in all its majesty this wonderful work of art from the early morning hours, when the brightness of white marble, is not covered by the people  that dominates every day.
Arriving early in the morning, and after finding an accommodation in hotels near the Trevi fountain, maybe Monday morning, find the fountain totally empty, with men equipped with rubber boots that provide to clean with brooms and palette collect thousands of coins thrown by tourists by tradition, and then offered to the community of Sant 'Egidio Rome, which helps the poor people.

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