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Inn Spanish Steps Rome

From Tolentino Inn Spanish Steps and 'a few minutes walk, and it definitely the most beautiful and famous square in the world. Traveled daily by thousands of tourists who specialmete at this time of years, are all in the splendid staircase of the "Trinità dei Monti " covered with spectacular flowers, colorful and unique.
The position of Tolentino Inn is very strategic in the crowded Spanish Steps Rome, surrounded by shops more famous in the world, a real green park (Villa Borghese), giving the impression of being out of town, between tall trees , streets and green surroundings. Passing through the Pincio finally returns to Tolentino Inn, spanish steps is now behind us, and we are located in front of the statue by Bernini.


Accommodation spanish steps rome

Located in the center of the city, owes its name to the Spanish Embassy at the Vatican Palace, located precisely at the Spanish Steps. One of the most beautiful squares in the world, perhaps the most beautiful and most famous, thanks to the unique architecture that characterize the natural and artificial. Since situated in a particular road network, which provides a very particular perspective, it was designed the beautiful staircase of Trinità dei Monti, which served to connect the Spanish Embassy to the church, inaugurated by Pope Benedict XIII on the occasion of the jubilee of 1725 . The staircase consists of 135 steps and numerous terraces and suffers a lot of baroque architectural influences, which included the use of very special scenic outlook, such as the Spanish Steps, which is the apex of an axis that goes up from the Tiber Trinità dei Monti. In the center you can admire the Barcaccia Fountain, sculpted by Pietro and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, in addition to the house where John Keats lived British writer, now a museum dedicated to him, and Babington's Tea Room, open since 1903. From the square you can go directly to Via Condotti, where are the boutiques of the most important companies in Italy and the World of Fashion, much sought after destination for all or almost all visitors to the city. Thanks to its heyday, but especially to its unique architecture, the Spanish Steps, in time, has become one of the most suitable for events of the show, TV special evenings and fashion shows. Our accommodation Spanish Steps, are located just steps from the world's most famous staircase, offering the opportunity for our guests to fully enjoy the beauty of the monumental center of Rome, or being in close contact with a place so important for those involved in fashion or entertainment. In the luxury and elegant decor of Tolentino Suites Rome, you can have your comfort as well as direct contact with the most fascinating and rich history of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, not to renounce anything.


Inn Pantheon Rome

Among the most luxurious Inn Pantheon in Rome , Tolentino  is a strategic location, being situated a short walk from the famous Pantheon, ancient rome building erected in honor of the Olympian deities, the Tolentino inn is a great place to stay, being a good starting point for visiting the wonders of the Eternal City.The Pantheon in fact, holds a large number of primates, from architecture to the conservation status to the size of its dome, as "michelangelo" said the Pantheon is was made by angels and by men.
Inside the Tolentino Inn you can also ask for any guides , or start your visit from the pantheon, without taking public transportation becose is very close, but simply taking a pleasant walk. And after walking and visited the Pantheon, you can enjoy the wonderful Roman cuisine, in the best restaurants nearby. Tolentino  inn has hosted a large number of visitors, parties from all over the world to visit the Pantheon, and is considered one of the best inn at pantheon in Rome.


Boutique hotel rome

Rome: capital of Italy, capital of History, Art and also the capital of Fashion. In fact there are numerous social events and fashion  located in the beautiful center of the Eternal City, one of the most beautiful monuments in the history of Italy, in addition to numerous workshops and many boutiques chose Rome as their home, filling the center veritable historical art exhibitions of the finest leaders.
Since the days of Coco Chanel and the Fontana Sisters, the streets of the city, including the Spanish Steps, Via Condotti, Via del Corso and many others, have lived through the birth of fashion shows of boutiques from the largest fashion houses of Europe and the world.
All this has led to steady growth in visits by travelers interested in the sector, as already mentioned, for the fashion houses who have their exhibitions in the city center, and for the many events that the insiders arranged to promote its products in the world.
Tolentino Suites Rome, is mounted perfectly in this context,  providing their travelers luxurius and comfortable spaces, just few steps away from "shopping streets" in the Italian capital. Hotel with panoramic views, luxury suites equipped with all amenities, within walking distance of most major fashion boutiques of downtown, so it's impossible to miss a moment of all events.
In short,it's  the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a leisurely stay in one of the most important places in the world of fashion, without losing sight of luxury, relaxation and comfort. All this in our boutiques hotel Rome.

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