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Town house Suites Rome

Tolentino is one of the  most prestigious town house suites Rome, situated in the heart of Rome.
Its location, midway between the most beautiful monuments of antique Rome, as the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, and the majestic Colosseum it's able to ensure a stay in full contact with the history of Rome, in fact, walking through alleys, it's possible to admire historic monuments, perfectly preserved. For those who decided to come back in this town house suites rome, they will live the magic  like the first time, overwhelmed by the atmosphere that only the ancient Rome give.




Inn Colosseum Rome

Among all  the Inn Colosseum Rome , Tolentino Inn  offers its suites at very competitive prices, even in High Season.
Its strategic location makes it one of the Inn colosseum , ideal for those who want to walk around the charming Roman Forum, and themajesty of the Colosseum.
Defined one of the seven wonders of the world, the Colosseum attracts an impressive number of tourists, fascinated by the ancient Roman Gladiator fights, and the architectural beauty of this majestic monument.
Choosing an hotel inn near the Colosseum, can 'be the best choice for every tourist, who has as objective to spend their holidays in the  heart of Rome, walking among these wonders, watching this huge treasure , walking near the Colosseum in fact, seems like  to be in a outdoor museum.
At the Tolentino Inn Colosseum you can find very friendly staff who will help you to choose the most interesting places where you can spend your days, depenting the time that you have at disposal.



Suites Rome

"Roman Holiday" read the title of William Wyler 1953 film starring Gregory Peck and Haudrey Hapburn. "Vacanze Romane" Italian to say, a film set among the monuments and squares of Rome in the 50s, always beautiful, which frames the desire to escape the Princess protagonist of the film.

The princess escapes from suites in which guests, although the dose of a sedative when taken, and meets the journalist Joe Bradleythe next day was to watch the same news conference of the princess. The reporter saw her in trouble the hosts and helps at home, but once they recognized the face of the princess decided to interview her, and therefore favors the desire to escape the girl, following her and giving her really beautiful moments in the streets of Rome.

Turning steeped in history and charm of the Eternal City, the Princess Anna breaks up with his world full of commitments, and ceremonial and be seduced by the beauty of the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, the Colosseum and all the other magical places that the journalist Joe Bradley, who sniffs the scoop and do not let not miss the Princess, makes her visit. Thanks to this the princess live an unforgettable day that will mean a lot for his future, more and more full of commitments, but with more great memories, able to change irreversibly the character of a girl like Anna.

In this context, of beauty, magic and seduction, Tolentino Suites is part of Rome, with its luxury rooms equipped with every comfort. Suites in central Rome, just steps from the most beautiful places in the city, to enjoy their holidays in complete relaxation, without giving any service, but in the ultimate luxury.


Inn Spanish Steps Rome

From Tolentino Inn Spanish Steps and 'a few minutes walk, and it definitely the most beautiful and famous square in the world. Traveled daily by thousands of tourists who specialmete at this time of years, are all in the splendid staircase of the "Trinit√† dei Monti " covered with spectacular flowers, colorful and unique.
The position of Tolentino Inn is very strategic in the crowded Spanish Steps Rome, surrounded by shops more famous in the world, a real green park (Villa Borghese), giving the impression of being out of town, between tall trees , streets and green surroundings. Passing through the Pincio finally returns to Tolentino Inn, spanish steps is now behind us, and we are located in front of the statue by Bernini.

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