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Accommodation Pantheon Rome

Another monument that is a must  for those who spend their vacations in Rome is the Pantheon.
For this monument too , for appreciate it in all its details, it's better to start your visit early in the morning after
have found an hotel accommodation at the Pantheon, becouse as the Colosseum or the Trevi fountain in the middle morning, thousands of tourists are already ready to get in.
Tourists who observes the pantheon for the first time, are strucked by her dome with its 43.3 meters in diameter (the most
largest ever built in concrete) that rivals the height of the building,  it's considers a true architectural masterpiece.
For tourists looking for luxury accommodation at the Pantheon, the Tolentino Suites, offer a beautiful luxury suites
in very competitive prices. And 'in fact, it's considered one of the most prestigius accommodation Near the pantheon.


Accommodation Trevi Fountain Rome

The Trevi Fountain is one of  the most beautiful fountains in Rome, an obligatory stop for tourists. Finding an accommodation in near the
Trevi Fountain, means being able to admire in all its majesty this wonderful work of art from the early morning hours, when the brightness of white marble, is not covered by the people  that dominates every day.
Arriving early in the morning, and after finding an accommodation in hotels near the Trevi fountain, maybe Monday morning, find the fountain totally empty, with men equipped with rubber boots that provide to clean with brooms and palette collect thousands of coins thrown by tourists by tradition, and then offered to the community of Sant 'Egidio Rome, which helps the poor people.


Accommodation Spanish Steps

An  Accommodation in the Spanish Steps , in the Rome city center, give the possibility to reach every corner of rome thanks to the subway , infact  who stay in rome cuold start form the Spanish Steps to visit this magical city .
Tolentino offers a luxury accommodation for your holidays, the spanish steps rapresent the luxury in every sector, spending your holidays in tolentino means that you can reach in a few minutes Trevi Fountain , Villa Borghese , il Colosseo and the Pantheon but also the house of the FONTATA SISTERS  now a  museum but famous all around the world.

On the 8  december during a rapresentation of the Immaculate Conception  where  the pope leads wreath of flowers , that will be put on the head of the Virgin Mary's monument.

If you stay at Tolentino Accommodation in spanish steps  you have not to take any bus or subway or parking.


Accommodation Colosseum Rome

For anyone who wants to visit the Colosseum, it's a must to choose an Accommodation Colosseum Rome , situated nearby, seen the recent news about him.
Many other areas were opened to the public, it usually  takesone day to visit him in all its details.
It's 'allowed  to observe for the first time those parts of the Colosseum that had never been accessible, even for Roman residents, such as underground, that in the Roman times housed exhibitions, and where people were waiting the gladiators (or their remains at the end of the games) and the third floor,that before was closed offers a breathtaking view of the city.
So choose  the Tolentino,  among the many Accommodation Colosseum Rome , it's a good choice of being close to the more 'important monuments of old Rome.
The staff of Tolentino, will be able to offer you advices on what is really important to visit, depending on the time available to explore Rome.



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