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Special offers for February in Rome

Special offers for February in Rome started for the arrival of the Roman Carnival. This celebration established in the Middle Ages and reached its highest manifestation after the election of Pope Paul II, who after the transfer of the papal residence at the Palazzo Venezia in the historic center focuses particularly on Via del Corso, the most of carnival events. In fact here, they performed art comedians, dress parades, floats, and jousting tournaments, the famous Berber’s horse races that took place along Via del Corso and ending in Piazza Venezia, a celebration involving the entire population, attracting travelers and the curiousity from around the world. With the arrival of the Savoy in Rome in 1870 , the Carnival suffers a sharp decline, mainly because of the many accidents that occurred during games and reaped several casualties among the audiences. But at the present day Carnival has flourished anew in its capacity to give joy and willingness for celebration , so Rome is preparing to welcome thousands of tourists to fill its streets with joy, thanks to the numerous offers for February that you can find to stay in Rome. The immortality of the Roman carnival is magnified by writers and poets such as Goethe , Gogol , Stendhal , Dickens and Dumas, and the painting of Caffi , Shor and Orlov. Then take the opportunity to visit the Eternal City during this exciting festival.


Economical B & B in Rome center

Are you planning a vacation in a city of art? So what better is the capital, where you can find the center of art and culture for centuries. Today you can stay in Rome’s economical B & B in the historic center without spending too much, but staying in the city center you can visit the city on foot and easy access to all major attractions. These structures are specialized in welcoming the customer to put him at ease with typical Italian hospitality, suitable for families with children, holiday with friends, romantic for couples who wish to spend a weekend in the Eternal City and ideals also for business travelers. In fact, being in the city center allows easy movement and close to all means of transport. They are also ideal for those who want luxury and comfort, because the B & B in the historic center of Rome are elegant and made of refined materials, have all the facilities that you can find in a hotel such as mini bar, room service, reception for tourist information and free wi-fi. Then come and visit one of the most visited in the world, cheaply by booking one of the B & B in the historic center of Rome.


Economical B & B in Rome

Looking for a destination to spend your Christmas holidays? Book now at a B & B in Rome at cheaper prices, take advantage of the offers of this period to come and visit the city at the height of the festivities and to see her decked out with thousands of lights and colors. The B & B is particularly suitable for those traveling with children or want to come to Rome for shopping this holiday season to buy some gifts for friends and family and can take advantage of the economical proposals of B & Bs that offer complimentary breakfast and many other services and amenities like hotels without spending too much. In fact, many of the B & B in the historic center are furnished with elegance and high-quality materials, offering other than breakfast, room service, wi- fi, satellite TV with international channels and other services that make them luxury and charming to the tourists who come to visit Rome. There are many events organized by the city these days as "lo Shiaccianoci " at the Opera House or the exhibition " Augusto, Il primo Imperatore " at the Quirinale or the one on Queen Cleopatra at the il Chiostro del Bramante. So who takes advantage of the offers of cheap B & B in the center of Rome will rerceive an unforgettable holiday in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.



Bed and Breakfast Rome Suites Colosseum

Fast approaching are the Christmas holidays, then take the opportunity to spend a few days in the capital city staying in a suite in a Bed and Breakfast in Rome near the Colosseum, and take advantage of the great prices and choosing accommodation in the heart of the city. Recently the City of Rome ruled the area around the Colosseum as the pedestrian area allowing tourists and the citizens to enjoy the view of the symbol monument of Rome by walking around it. During this period, the city is even more attractive thanks to thousands Christmas decorations, such as the beautiful rainbow lights along the Via del Corso shopping street that leads to Via Condotti where you can find all the largest fashion boutiques. Rome is unique, so fascinating as it is defined as the Eternal City, and within its walls are so many monuments and works of art that it is becomes impossible to mention all, from the Colosseum in Via dei Fori Imperiali and the Piazza di Spagna , it is possible that in every corner one can see an exceptional monument, so it is advisable to stay in the historical center, as in the suites of a Bed and Breakfast in Rome near the Colosseum, to visit the city on foot and to discover its wonders.

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