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B & B Rome center for Christmas 2013

The summer holidays have just ended and are already thinking in the christmas season, don’t wait until the last minute to organize the Christmas holidays and book now a B&B in central Rome for Christmas 2013. This way you can choose one of the luxurious B&B that lie in the historic center taking advantage of the special offers for those who book in advance and stay in a charming building in the center without giving up the luxuries and saving considerably. During Christmas 2013 Rome will shine with its decorative lights along the main shopping streets, such as Via Condotti where you can find major brands and fashion boutiques. Even for the childrens, there will be events organized and beautiful markets in the city centre such as in the most famous Piazza Navona where children are involved with the characters that depict Santa Claus and the Epiphany and can enjoy watching thousands of games and rides and enjoy the different sweets offered by the market stalls . But even for those who, in addition to the festive atmosphere, to celebrate the religious Christmas, staying in a B&B in the center of Rome, could walk to the churches of the historic center or visit the museums and papal galleries in the Vatican City to contemplate wonderful works of art, like the vault of the Sistine Chapel decorated by Michelangelo.


Luxurious B & B Rome center near the Dolce Vita

Are you planning a trip to Rome , then book a luxurious B & B in Rome center near the streets of La Dolce Vita to relive the excitement of Roman nights in the sixties, in those places where the cinema, art and taste meet. Starting from Largo Federico Fellini, dedicated to the man who was the symbol of the Dolce Vita and director who has characterized the Italian cinema, going down to Via Vittorio Veneto, the meeting place of celebrities and intellectuals of the sixties, and today resides the upper middle class, where you can find luxurious hotels, fashion boutiques and prestigious coffee bars. There are many charming B & B in this area of ​​Rome close to the Dolce Vita , detailed finished and furnished with elegance, welcoming customers with cheaper prices than of hotels without sacrificing the luxury and comfort. At the end of Via Veneto is dominated by the beautiful Piazza Barberini with the Fontana del tritone by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. From here, via del Tritone, can be reached the one of the most famous fountains in the world , the Trevi Fountain which invariably evokes the famous scene of the film " La Dolce Vita" in which the beautiful Anita Ekberg, bathes in the waters of the fountain, followed by Marcello Mastroianni.


Bed and Breakfast Rome with a view of Trevi Fountain

One of the most visited tourist destinations of the city of Rome is definitely the Trevi Fountain, the largest fountain in Rome and one of the most famous in the world . This fountain , impressive for its architecture that combines classical to baroque , it is also important as it represents the end of the Vergine aqueduct, one of the ancient Roman aqueducts that still is in use. Thanks to the desire of all tourists to admire it, and one can stay in one of the Bed and Breakfast in Rome with a view of the Trevi Fountain, to enjoy the grandeur of this Roman monument from their room . The subject of the Trevi Fountain is definitely the sea , in which the god Ocean is on a chariot drawn by sea horses . For its scenery so bursting, that it was chosen by a number of film sets, of which the most famous is certainly the Fellini's Dolce Vita. Staying in a Bed and Breakfast in Rome with a view of the Trevi Fountain also offers you the advantage of being in the historic center of the city, so you can easily enjoy a stroll along the main streets and most famous of Rome such as those from the fountain leading to Piazza di Pietra and then to the Pantheon, the Roman temple dedicated to the gods, or the Via Condotti , Rome's symbol of high fashion where stands all the boutiques of high prestige.


B & B Rome Special Offers for New Year 2014

Summer is over and in a little while arrives to the Christmas holidays , so do not waste your time, plan ahead your New Year's Eve when you still have ample opportunity of choice. Find a B & B in Rome with special offers for New Year 2014 to one that is in the historic center where one can just walk out and be in full festive atmosphere that the city of Rome offers . In fact, the New Year in Rome is one of the most recommended travel for tourists from all over the world because together with fun and romance combines the charm and history of the Eternal City and to see it with the lights of that holiday is an indescribable emotion also for Roman citizens. Staying in B & B in Rome with special offers for the New Year 2014 will allow you to attend the many events already scheduled for the end of the year , as the mega free concert in the square along the Via dei Fori Imperiali or various events organized in different parts of city. He who wants to prepare in advance, should book their stay in one of the B & B in the center of Rome and can buy in advance the ticket for the feasts of masked balls , like the one in front of the Colosseum, the Royal Art Cafe, and at internet sites specifically for the New Year.

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