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B&B Rome center for Easter

Approaching Easter Sunday and as always the next day, Monday,  is celebrated throughout Italy, known as "Pasquetta". Ideal to spend this day relaxing and visiting the historic towns of our country and certainly including a favorite destination, Rome. So hurry up and book a B&B for Easter in Rome city center to celebrate few days off before returning to daily routine. In the capital, there are several possibilities with many events and ideas to celebrate Pasquetta for art and culture in Rome. As an example, there is no way to know more about great artists such as Picasso, Tiziano, Brueghel or Léger through fascinating exhibition of their best works. And also for fun for the little ones, the Bioparco organized a day with the theme  "Finding the perfect egg" on the occasion of Pasquetta. The initiatives also involve adults with continuing shows, clowns and animations. For music lovers, staying in one of the B&B in central Rome for Easter, will have easy access to appointments for the two concerts planned always on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday this year dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi, the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles and and in the sala piazza Campitelli 9, where one can listen to the music by Corelli, Bach, Brahms, Massenet, Schubert, Schumann and Chopin.


B&B in Rome in August 2013

The summer is coming and is time to organize for the holidays. Booking a B&B in Rome in August 2013 is an excellent idea. By booking in advance you can take advantage of special rates and assuring a right vacation. Rome during August is spectacular, without the daily traffic unlike the other months, and in August, the sparkle of the sun gives visitors a full view of all of Rome’s many works of art. Nevertheless, walking under the shades of trees of its famous parks, such as the Villa Borghese, the green heart in the center of the city, within walking distance from the B&B in the historical center of Rome, ideal for enjoying a day outdoors in this quiet park that not only gives its green areas, as well as dining, cultural points of interest, such as the famous Borghese Museum and attractions for children and adults, such as the Zooparco. In addition, Rome organized several events, such as open-air cinemas and concerts to entertain its citizens and tourists and that will be part of the events during the Roman summer. For tourists in the month of August in Rome is also nice to walk among its alleys, enjoying talking to people who welcome foreigners with typical good humor of the Romans and then stop to enjoy one of the many kiosks in the peculiar "grattachecca" prepared with crushed ice in which is added one or more tasteful syrups.


B&B in Rome near Montecitorio

In this particular historical moment that our Republic is going through, all eyes are focused in one of the historic buildings of Rome, the Montecitorio. In Rome, you can stay in one of the B&B close to Montecitorio to follow live all the events that are happening these days. The building was built in 1653 by Bernini which was commissioned of its construction for the Ludovisi family, setting its convex façade that would follow the trend of the hill on which it is built. Montecitorio has been the seat of papal courts and the Governor of Rome. After the unification of Italy, the palace was expropriated by the Italian government allocating it to be the Chamber of Deputies. For those staying in one of the B&B near Montecitorio, one can admire the building in its current version, in which maintaining the facade by Bernini, one can see the expansion of the building in liberty style featuring four corner towers covered with red bricks and travertine. Inside there is the popular classroom seats arranged like a fan and illuminated by a stunning skylight. Also in Palazzo Montecitorio are more than a thousand paintings and sculptures from the sixteenth century and many engravings and prints of various ages, various archaeological findings and a variety of artistic goods such as watches, furniture, tapestries and busts. Thanks to an initiative in 1994 that offer the chance to visit the interior of the building by the public, so booking a B&B near Montecitorio will give you the opportunity to this exclusive visit to one of the historical buildings of our government .


Hotels in Rome center near St. Peter for families

Thousands of tourists come to Rome at any time of year to visit the city that is the heart of Christianity. Special offers are offered by the hotels in central Rome near St. Peter's for families to afford a comfortable and within walking distance of the main tourist destinations of Christians. Certainly the most important goal is the St. Peter's Basilica, the heritage of our unmissable Italian history and art. The grandeur of the seventeenth century facade by Carlo Maderno gives an idea of the colossal dimensions of the Basilica, still one of the largest churches in the world. The Basilica of St. Peter was originally built in 320 by the Emperor Constantine in the place where, according to tradition, was buried the Apostle Peter, but over the centuries it was completed by many artists, such as Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini. The dome designed by Michelangelo then, which now seen hanging paintings on the windows of the hotels in the center of Rome for families, surprisingly for its size and its harmony. The square in front of the Basilica, a meeting point for thousands of families and worshippers, was marked by Michelangelo and completed by Bernini consists of a space and a triple portico with Doric columns. The interior size is indeed large and has a nave and two side aisles and stand under the dome of the twisted columns of the great bronze baldachin by Bernini. For families staying in the hotels in the center of Rome near Saint Peter will not miss a visit to the Sistine Chapel, inserted into the path of the Vatican Museums, one of the most famous cultural and artistic treasures of the Vatican City.

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