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Suites in Rome for March 8

March 8, 2012: a special day of ... pink! Celebrations in Rome in honor of the women, the best location for an evening with friends and entertainment
between friends, even without the presence ... of the special-one!

March 8 will be devoted to culture initiatives with events and exhibitions in particular
the issue of women in art, for centuries as a muse with her beauty and elegance and the art of representation by women: the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities offers free admission for women to museums, archaeological sites and state monuments.
Local characters are ready to welcome friends, singles, with an aperitif or delicious menus with typical Roman dinners or festive cabaret shows with surprise endings or pleasantly unconventional.
In celebration on March 8 for all the ladies, we invite you to stay overnight in Rome in the elegant and lovely
Tolentino Suites in the heart of Rome at a special rate, for a special place for strolling and shopping in the center of the capital, with low cost end of season sales!
Many other ideas and proposals for the evening to celebrate the Day of the Women in Rome in events, dinner shows, and in short everything it takes to color the day pink, dedicated to all the women: Greetings from B & B Tolentino Suites.


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