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Bed & Breakfast in Rome for the International Women's Day

Rome, on the 8th day of March, celebrates International Women's Day.
Accommodations, such as elegant Bed & Breakfast in the historic center of Rome, welcomes couples and friends who want to give themselves a day of fun in between bundles of yellow mimosa which on this day can be received as a gift from the historic streets or decorated locals and as a symbol of emancipation women to date, women become emancipated and secured in their role in civil society of the twenty-first century, so as to continue to celebrate and commemorate the achievements for social, political and economic conditions of women and in memory of a distant history, originally a day struggle that was the symbol of oppression and the conditions in the job that she has endured over many centuries.
In Tolentino Suites, a Bed & Breakfast near the famous street of Via Veneto and Via Sistina and via Due Macelli in continuity to Piazza di Spagna, will make the stay a memorable occasion for fun and culture in the best theaters in the neighborhood, in fact for the event of the Women's Day, debuts special shows, which you can book with the help of the friendly staffs of the B & B: the Salone Margherita, the show in the history of Burlesque "dalla foglia alla voglia" represented by a group of beautiful women, will be interspersed with a small drink and dinner in Teatro Sistina, the actor, Maurizio Battista returns to theater with a one-man-show completely new and full of new characters with hilarious ironic analysis of the eternal existential struggle between men and women: in short, to laugh a lot!
And finally, we endorse the dance performance of TrocKadero in Auditorium.
This year the Day of the Woman's Day is Thursday, so you can enjoy a weekend to do well in a Roman climate with excitement, fun and festive, lying in the most central B & B in the capital, Tolentino Suites, in via San Nicola da Tolentino.


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