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Rome’s Hotels and B&Bs Special Offer for May 1

Lots of hotels and B&Bs in Rome center offers special packages for May 1. May 1 became International Workers Day May 1, 1886 when the American Federation of Labor adopted a historic resolution which asserted that eight hours should constitute a legal day of work. Today, remembering and talking are useful not only to preserve the historical memory, but for the contents, meaning that it represents in terms of class consciousness and struggle of the exploited. As time goes on, the original goal of eight hours was put aside and make way for other social and political demands that are considered more important. The protest against the miserable conditions of the labor masses was the core events of the late nineteenth century.
The social transformations, the change of habits and the fact that the labor movement will have other opportunities to make their presence felt, led to the progressive abandonment of traditional forms of celebrating May 1, and to seize the occasion of this day of feast, take advantage of offers from hotels and B&Bs to visit the art cities like Rome. In fact, for May 1, you can find numerous events across the city of Rome, the famous concert in Piazza San Giovanni del Laterano, the exhibition "Il Mito di Amore e Psiche in 100 capolavori" at Castel Sant'Angelo or photo exhibition by the National Geographic until May 13.


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