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Hotels and B&B in August in the Historic Center of Rome

Spending August in Rome, especially during the feast of August, can give you an unforgettable emotions, because a city like ours, is even more beautiful this month. Staying in Hotels and B&B in August at the historic center of Rome with the almost total absence of traffic, you can reach the places of interest with ease and enjoying the free time, you can explore the city in different angles, at a rate more affordable. For example, you can stroll along the quay of the Tevere to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the river, with excellent music and refreshing drinks, choosing one of the many areas prepared for the Roman Summer between Ponte Milvio and Trastevere. In August you can have the opportunity to book and deal with a number of hotels and bed and breakfast in the historic center of Rome to visit this ancient city’s renaissance, baroque, but also a modern European capital, which will seduce you through its monuments, not only for its magical atmosphere but also by its traditions, its narrow streets and its corners for a stop to a typical grattachecca or in one of the many summer kiosks. Close to hotels and B&B in central Rome in August you can take advantage of the absence of traffic that usually annoy the city, to rent a bike to move easily during the day, taking advantage of bicycle lanes.


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