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Hotel at Rome in August

Rome in August has organized numerous events and initiatives dedicated to those who decided this year to avoid crowdings on beaches. During this period, many hotels and B&B in central Rome have special offers for the August Holiday. Visit museums and exhibitions or wander the streets of downtown are not the only alternatives available.For example, along the banks of the river Tevere, is hosted the summer events. This is a free event which will be set up for entertaining handycraft booths, shopping, games and refreshments for everyone. August is the month dedicated to outdoor Roman evenings including concerts, films and "All’Ombra del Colosseo" the Roman festival dedicated to cabaret and comedy at the Parco del Celio, an arena of 2000 seats, a short walk from the amphitheater Flavio. Booking a Bed and Breakfast in central Rome, you can enjoy the day from the morning of August dedicated to shopping for the occasion will find the shops stay open, enjoy a delicious lunch in a typical restaurant in the historic center, enjoy the afternoon of all the shows organized for mid-August to reach the places where you play easily on foot and enjoy the a romantic evening stroll through the streets under the starry sky of the Roman evenings.


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