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Cheap Hotel in central Rome

Booking a cheap hotel in Rome is the ideal solution to have the opportunity to visit this wonderful city. Staying in the historical center in fact, you can just walk to all major cultural sights, such as monuments and squares of the most famous worldwide. Among the beautiful Roman squares worth to see are the elegant Piazza Navona and a few steps from there is the lively Campo de 'Fiori, which especially in warm weather remains full until late evenings. Along Via Giulia you can reach the Tiber and admire the Roman bridges over the Tiber with the city lights reflecting in its water, until you reach Piazza Trilussa and spending happy evenings will be a pleasure. Choosing a cheap hotel in Rome center will also provide the opportunity to go shopping more exclusive, starting from the Spanish Steps in Via Condotti or search for something unusual or handcrafts in Via del Governo Vecchio until finding eclectic fashion boutique at Campo de 'Fiori . Finally for those who want to spend a pleasant evening in Rome, taking advantage of offers of cheap hotels near Via Veneto, not necessarily along the elegant Via Bella Vita characteristic of the sixties, dine in one of the many sophisticated restaurants and get to Piazza Barberini not missing the beautiful Fontana del Tritone.


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