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B&B in Rome center for Halloween

In the night of October 31, every year the B&B in Rome center at Halloween accommodate lots of tourists from all over the world indulge in jokes and dancing until late morning, walking in the street with a masked, black witch hat or wizard and holding carved orange pumpkin or a lit candle. In Rome, the Halloween party is celebrated in a completely different way from the original, born as a festival for children in America who play from door to door of neighbors, almost threatening them with the phrase "trick or treat" to receive gifts or to make jokes for those who do not give anything and now also become a true Roman tradition also and especially for adults and the most haunted night of the year, they get to celebrate in the premises of the old town, in restaurants, pub where they can for all sorts of fun. Halloween celebrations are common in various parts of the world, but in Rome and in the heart of it, is characterized as a party night to make merry and be a joy evoking imaginary phantoms and getting delicious sweets. For this special night B&B at Rome center welcomes guests with the different special offers for Halloween.


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