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Offers from hotels in Rome center for Halloween

On October 31, Rome, the capital, will be a date to remember: with promotions and special offers from hotels in the historic center, one would remember a never miss appointment with "la notte delle streghe" in Rome center. The festive and magically gloomy night includes events celebrating a carnival in advance: organizing a big party creating the environment of fun and ghoulish Halloween night.  A full round of dances and masquerades in the streets of the city of Rome, fun is guaranteed. For the occasion, Tolentino Suites, located on the corner of the most famous Roman road, the Via Veneto, just famous for the entertaining Fellini’s  film, will welcome you in an environment recreated for the spirit of Halloween where blacks pointy hats of witches and wizards, curved orange pumpkins, lighted candles, will make the guestrooms cozy during your pleasant and enjoyable stay. The children were originally the real stars of the American way of Halloween, involves receiving free candy or different tricks to do on the night of witches. The magical atmosphere is not lost in the party, imported from downtown Rome and indie in the hotels in Rome center for Halloween is enhanced with celebration, party, and typical menus for haunted evening and will accompany you until late morning.


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