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B&B in the historical center of Rome in November

B&B in the historical center of Rome are welcoming the period from 9 to 17 November for the International Film Festival of Rome at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano.
The whole city will be animated by cultural films, also in the nearby Via Veneto of the "Dolce Vita" directed by Fellini, that will be promoted by the Municipality of Rome, the Province of Rome and the Region and Foundation of Cinema.
An international jury, composed of seven known celebrities of cinema and culture of every country in the world will award several prizes such as the Prix CinemaXXI (full-length films), the Special Jury Prize - CinemaXXI (full-length films) and the Short Film Award CinemaXXI and medium-length films.
Also Italy will compete to prized movie with the film "Carlo", about the family life of the famous actor and director Carlo Verdone. The ticket will cost 5 euro to the public. Book a B&B in the historical center of Rome for November is not only an opportunity to closer look many jet-setter Italians and international personalities attending the International Film Festival, but will also be a way to visit Rome and to wander the Roman autumn on foot. The Tolentino Suites which is just a few steps away from the Via Veneto, with special prices, will be waiting guests for the month of November.


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