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Cheap B&B Christmas 2012

Christmas is the most important festival of religious and old tradition. In Rome, it is celebrated in a special way, many Nativity scenes, which show the birth of Jesus, are set in the most beautiful churches in the capital, as in the Capuchin Church in one of the most famous streets in the center of Rome, in Via Veneto, a walking distance from Tolentino Suites, one of the Cheap B&B for Christmas 2012 welcomes its guests in an atmosphere of Christmas, family and advantageous. Already in the days leading to Christmas, shop windows in the city center are lit for shoppers buying small gifts to give to their family and friends, according to tradition, in particular the windows of bakeries and pastry shops of the Roman center, displays typical products of Christmas such as Panettone with raisins, Pampepato with chocolate and dried fruit and nougat with almonds or white chocolate are all exposed and can be enjoyed by hungry individual or be taken as souvenirs. During the days of stay at Cheap B&B during Christmas 2012, one can take advantage of restaurants and clubs that arrange decorated tables with special fish such as fresh salmon and marinated eel with accordance to ancient tradition. Christmas is celebrated even in the most festive Piazza Navona, equipped with craft stalls and with the figure of Santa Claus that welcomes tourists from all over the world in his carriage and with photo of the square with the famous Bernini fountains.
The Cheap B&B during Christmas 2012 welcome all guests with affordable prices and are waiting for you with the atmosphere of peace and love of Christmas in Rome.


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