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Hotels in Rome center special offers for January 2013

Hurry, book right now your winter holiday in Rome, take advantage of offers for January 2013 from hotels in Rome with their warm atmosphere with elegant and classical decorations, affordably customized for your needs.
During this good Roman temperature, even in winter, the sun will grant you to walk through the downtown shops that offer very convenient prices and cultural walks in many museums and churches in the center of the capital where you can admire the famous fountains, as the most famous Trevi Fountain, less than 5 minutes walk from Tolentino Suites: visit it and you will be amazed, even with the cold water you can throw coins as a traditional wish to return to the capital thanks to the magic of destiny. Advance booking of hotels in Rome center in January 2013, allows for discounted prices and the possibility of requesting reservations for typical Roman restaurants to enjoy genuine traditional Roman recipes like spaghetti alla carbonara, gnocchi on Thursday, on Friday the cod and Saturday tripe and fried artichokes. In addition to the Roman wine bars and taverns, where you will be surrounded by the warm and sweet winter, you can choose among several fine restaurants’ scenic view to enjoy a good dinner with a view of the city without having to wear a coat.


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