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Hotels in Rome center during the Carnival

The Carnival was not born in Rio de Janeiro and even in Venice, but just in the Eternal City at the time of ancient Rome, following the Saturnalia during in which daily life was suspended to leave any kind of social difference. Carnival 2013 is celebrated February 2 to 12 and this year on the Via del Corso to Piazza del Popolo there will be the traditional horse race like the Barbary horses, which was held in the Renaissance then calling people and noble from all over Europe, and until the end of the Middle Ages took place along this road, races and battles of all sorts. In the festive atmosphere of these days, hotels in central Rome welcome the Carnival for easy access to the local people of the center who organizes fun and cheerful costume party. During “martedi e giovedi grasso” you can also find places with free admission celebrating in the capital full of garlands, cotillions and music to brighten your stay in Rome in one of several hotels in Rome city center. Moreover, in the typical streets of Rome you can find masks romanesche (Cassandrino, Pip Meo, Rugantino, etc..), Which although they are not as famous as those of other Italian cities, it is a fun representation of stereotypes from both the popular world and the nobles to interpret virtues and vices.


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