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Special Offer from Bed & Breakfast in Rome center for Carnival 2013

The Roman Carnival was told that it is a Carnival that greatly expressed in gestures, signs, allegories that return the number symbolic of the cultural connotation of the event, this was the comment of the artistic director who not only expressed while the rich schedule of cultural events but also in recovery of symbolic gestures that belong to the tradition of Venetian Carnival. Certainly in this festive atmosphere, is enriched by typical masks and the confetti Capital expects many visitors for collective  and lively fun, also local restaurants one will be able to enjoy delicacies of Roman tradition and these days in many cafes and patisseries in the center can be enjoy the famous damselfish and Roman frappe, sprinkled with powdered sugar. Along the streets of downtown and the nearby Villa Borghese children in costume parade in a joyful atmosphere that would throw passers and confetti and streamers into the air. Carnival in Rome is also a family celebration full of joy and color, where everyone express their imagination. In addition, the city of Rome enriches this festival with a Renaissance parade in the historic center precisely in Piazza del Popolo, where there will be equestrian artist, historical group and actors of art, to be held on February 18 at 3:00 pm.


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