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Luxury B&B in Rome’s Historical Center

The historic center of Rome with its ancient and luxurious buildings is not that large and can easily be walked along the tree-lined avenues of the Villa Borghese and visit the famous museum and then enjoy a good Italian espresso in the elegant and sophisticated coffee bars in Via Veneto, along the Roman squares with the famous cobblestones in the midst of them check the stupendous Trevi Fountain, in which water falls between marble statues, or the refined Bernini's Triton Fountain in Piazza Barberini, where a few steps away is the street of San. Nicola da Tolentino # 50, the Tolentino Suites which welcomes you in elegant and classic rooms, where architectural elements vintage revive and live, a quiet romantic stay, the costs in this period before and during Christmas and are beneficial. It also offers the possibility to roam to the most beautiful streets of the capital in a beautiful limousine with the driver that you will also be your tour guide. Adjacent to other famous roads, the Via Sistina and beautiful Trinità dei Monti Steps that you enter in the most famous street in Rome, via Condotti, where the famous signatures jewelers and designers will enchant even during the winter with the new designs in elegant and simple showcases or very luxurious with reference to colors and bright lights.


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