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Special Offers from B&B and hotels in Rome near the Termini Station

Lots of B&B and hotels in Rome near the Termini central train station are offering amazing deals for your stay in Rome. Staying close to the Termini Station allows to have easy access to the city and to move easily, thanks to two subway lines and numerous buses that you will find on the forecourt, even at night. Roma Termini, being the most important railway station in the city is also used to embarked and disembarked people from the main airport of Leonardo da Vinci via train directly to and from the airport in just 30 minutes. So, booking a B&B or a hotel near the Termini station, you can easily each on foot without taking additional public transport. The name Termini was derived from the Terme di Diocletian, which is just nearby. Termini Station has been restored on the occasion of the Jubilee of 2000 and is a good reference point for the city of Rome, thanks to the shopping center that was included and to several facilities such as the Forum Termini. A holiday in B&B in Rome close to Termini is great for getting a walk to the Piazza della Repubblica, where you can see and admire a beautiful fountain, the magnificent Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, also known as Santa Maria della Neve and stroll through to Rione Monti that with its narrow streets leading directly to the Colosseum.


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