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Special offers B&B Rome centre for carnival 2013 max 70 euro

The Roman Carnival of 2013 will be celebrated from 2 to 12 February, so hurry and take advantage of the special offers of up to € 70 in a B&B in central Rome for this event. The feast will start from the village set up in Piazza del Popolo with lots of events, from comedy shows to street artists, and  children’s toys parade. In the square, will be organized a grand opening parade dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi on Saturday, February 2, where a parade set along with more than 100 horses and carriages, the commedia dell'arte actors and famous military corps horses. From here it will continue to the Via del Corso, the main street of the historic center of Rome, which connects Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo. This street owes its name to the Corsa dei Barberi, a real stake citizen. A horse race will take place, which was the most important event of the Roman Carnival. This race was called-in by Pope Paul II, but was abolished by King Emmanuel II in 1874, due to the death of a young audience, overwhelmed by galloping horses. The Roman Carnival, stopped for so many years, was back and became a feast of the the capital for a few years, so hurry-up and book a B&B in Rome with special offers at 70 euro to experience this festival in the historic center of the city.


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