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B&B Rome center near metro subway station

Staying in a bed and breakfast in Rome will allow you to discover the true culture and traditions of the Roman people, thanks to the availability and courtesy of the consierge that will welcome you upon your arrival. Booking a B&B in Rome city center near the metro subway station, one just can walk to all the monumental attractions and architectural history of the city required for those who have never been to Rome, but staying in a B&B close to the subway you can reach the high places of interest for tourists and residents, such as the Auditorium, where many concerts and events are showing throughout the year. Other museums of interest are the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome in Testaccio area or at the new entrance to the museum on the corner of via Nizza and via Cagliari, and the MAXXI, the National Museum for the Arts of the XXI century, dedicated  culture, experimentation, study and research, which is located in the Flaminio district. In the month of March you can enjoy to book a B&B near the subway for easy access to the Caffarella Park, where they will be holding in this month tours as a unique opportunity to learn about the history, culture and landscape of the Parco dell’Appia Antica.


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