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Hotels in Rome center near St. Peter for families

Thousands of tourists come to Rome at any time of year to visit the city that is the heart of Christianity. Special offers are offered by the hotels in central Rome near St. Peter's for families to afford a comfortable and within walking distance of the main tourist destinations of Christians. Certainly the most important goal is the St. Peter's Basilica, the heritage of our unmissable Italian history and art. The grandeur of the seventeenth century facade by Carlo Maderno gives an idea of the colossal dimensions of the Basilica, still one of the largest churches in the world. The Basilica of St. Peter was originally built in 320 by the Emperor Constantine in the place where, according to tradition, was buried the Apostle Peter, but over the centuries it was completed by many artists, such as Bramante, Michelangelo and Bernini. The dome designed by Michelangelo then, which now seen hanging paintings on the windows of the hotels in the center of Rome for families, surprisingly for its size and its harmony. The square in front of the Basilica, a meeting point for thousands of families and worshippers, was marked by Michelangelo and completed by Bernini consists of a space and a triple portico with Doric columns. The interior size is indeed large and has a nave and two side aisles and stand under the dome of the twisted columns of the great bronze baldachin by Bernini. For families staying in the hotels in the center of Rome near Saint Peter will not miss a visit to the Sistine Chapel, inserted into the path of the Vatican Museums, one of the most famous cultural and artistic treasures of the Vatican City.


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