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B&B in Rome in August 2013

The summer is coming and is time to organize for the holidays. Booking a B&B in Rome in August 2013 is an excellent idea. By booking in advance you can take advantage of special rates and assuring a right vacation. Rome during August is spectacular, without the daily traffic unlike the other months, and in August, the sparkle of the sun gives visitors a full view of all of Rome’s many works of art. Nevertheless, walking under the shades of trees of its famous parks, such as the Villa Borghese, the green heart in the center of the city, within walking distance from the B&B in the historical center of Rome, ideal for enjoying a day outdoors in this quiet park that not only gives its green areas, as well as dining, cultural points of interest, such as the famous Borghese Museum and attractions for children and adults, such as the Zooparco. In addition, Rome organized several events, such as open-air cinemas and concerts to entertain its citizens and tourists and that will be part of the events during the Roman summer. For tourists in the month of August in Rome is also nice to walk among its alleys, enjoying talking to people who welcome foreigners with typical good humor of the Romans and then stop to enjoy one of the many kiosks in the peculiar "grattachecca" prepared with crushed ice in which is added one or more tasteful syrups.


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