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Hotels overlooking the Piazza San Pietro

Habemus Papam! On March 19 there was the enthronement of the new Pope Bergoglio, and be called Francesco, a name demanding the promises to be a commitment of the new pontiff to charity from a strong appeal from the heart, with thoughts directed to the weakest and an appeal to those who are in position to take responsibility. Visiting Rome in these days, perhaps staying at one of the hotels that look-out into St. Peter's Square, you can closely observe his ways and his first speeches that characterize his simple style. Who could follow the live broadcast of this global event will certainly noticed the huge flow of followers that came to visit the new pontiff, so for those who intend to participate in the many events of the beginning of his pontificate, it is recommended to book in advance for a hotel that faces in St. Peter's Square for easy access to the church and to be present at this important historic moment, not only for those who are Christians, but for everyone. In fact, tourists and pilgrims from all over the world are expected in Rome these days, to visit Jorge Mario Bergoglio, jesuit, Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentine), of Italian origin, declaimed as Papa Francesco after the conclave began last March 12.


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