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B & B Rome for families

Rome is one fantastic city, a destination for tourists from all over the world and of all ages, ideal for those traveling with the whole family. In fact, many B & B in Rome promote special offers for families with children to stay in the capital. In Rome, there are many sites dedicated to families such as the major parks in the city that is made up to look like a large green heart right in the historic center, the Villa Borghese, where in addition to beauty and important museums, such as the Galleria Borghese, the children will be entertained with the games set up on the lawns, a theater for the kids and large Bioparco immersed in this park. The B & B for families are the ideal place to stay to start the day with walking, starting from the center and reach the various places that Rome offers to children, such as the Wax Museum at Piazza Venezia or Technotown near Villa Torlonia , a science toy library from the hardwork of experienced group dedicated to children ages from four to seventeen to discover lots of new technologies with high educational contents. Another popular destination for families in Rome is the Planetarium and Astronomy Museum in Rome, where there is this special dome shaped room with a diameter of fourteen feet which simulates the sky and astral movements to captivate young and old.


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