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B & B Roma offers for the summer

If you are planning your summer vacation take the opportunity of the offers from B & B in Rome for the summer 2013. The city is splendid during summer, away from the hustle winter and can be appreciated in every corner, can move easily and museums are free from the long lines in other times of the year. The climate in Rome is always pleasant and tourists who want to take refuge during the hottest hours of the day, Rome offers wonderful parks under the shade of trees. For example, one of the biggest parks of the city is that of Villa Borghese, where you can visit the Borghese museum, rich in works of art such as those by Canova, relaxing under the pine trees, have a picnic lunch on the lawn in the afternoon and resume by walking to the zoo, the beautiful Rome Biopark. There are many B & B that promote special offer for the summer to accomodate tourists who want to visit the capital at this time of year. During summer, Rome organizes many events to entertain the citizens and tourists as the concert of '"Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club" at the Parco della Musica where in July returns to Europe with their new tour right here in Rome.


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