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Scenic B & B in Rome

Roma Caput Mundi is one of the most visited cities in the world. In every season, thousands of tourists, business travelers, pilgrims and star from every part of the Earth come to Rome to admire its beauty, culture, history and food. The hospitality of Rome has been organized to accommodate every type of visitor, and today you can also find affordable solutions to stay in Rome. There are many scenic B & B in Rome that are located in strategic points of the city to be able to closely observe historical monuments, wonderful squares and B & B located in the hills of Rome to watch the sun set over the red roofs of the city. Among the most scenic places in Rome is definitely the Pincio, a hill behind the Quirinal Hall, which is located above the famous Spanish Steps. By choosing to stay in a B & B near the panoramic terrace of the Pincio one can observe from above many monuments of Rome up to the dome of St. Peter. There are many other scenic spots of Rome such as the seven hills in which was built the capital. Aventino, Campidolio, Celio, Esquilino, Palatino, Quirinale and the Viminale, which are all in the east of the Tevere river and throughout the history have played important roles with regards to religion, mythology and politics of the ancient Romans.


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