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Luxurious B & B in Rome center

Staying in Rome is possible for every type of tourists, from businessmen who come to Rome for work, for families with children to admire the historical monuments of the city, to couples looking for a romantic destination in the capital who want to stay in very luxurious hotel in the historic center to be a star jet set. But today you can also stay in Rome’s luxurious and charming  B & B spending less for a vacation in a city like Rome. A wide selection of these B & B in Rome center receive tourists with a professionally and is informal compared to larger hotels. But not giving up the modern amenities that any tourist would want to use during the holidays. Tolentino Suites is our luxurious B & B in Rome center that welcomes guests in meticulously furnished rooms that reflect the classic style of the buildings in the historic center of Rome, with the colors and materials, characteristic of the capital, and provides the highest quality services for its guests, such as the breakfast in the room, individually controlled air conditioning, wi-fi in the room and a staff ready to offer you all the tourist informations and materials.


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