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Rome hotels with jacuzzi for the night of San Lorenzo

The Night of San Lorenzo is fast approaching, then prepare for a stay in Rome in which the nights are magical. The starry sky above the roofs of Rome is a breathtaking view, so book a hotel in Rome for the night of San Lorenzo. And the possibility of organizing the whole day: starting with a visit in the early morning the historic center of the city, pretty much the open-air museums, with its magnificent monuments left by the Roman Empire, such as those along Via dei Fori Imperiali up to the Colosseum; and then passing Piazza Venezia, where you can admire the imposing monument of Vittoriano and then the Villa Borghese where you can refresh under the shade of trees of the most famous park of the city. Resting at the hotel for a refreshing bath with jacuzzi and then dine in a tavern with outdoor tables typical of central Rome perhaps by candlelight, enjoy an evening stroll through the Roman alleys and reach one of the most beautiful terraces in Rome, like that of the Pincio, or the gianicolo hill, one of the seven hills of Rome, from where you can observe the shooting stars on the roofs of Rome during the night of San Lorenzo.


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