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Bed and Breakfast Historic Center Colosseum

Symbol of the city of Rome and is one of the most famous landmarks in the world : the Colosseum. Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre is a monument that dates back to Roman times and represents the political, cultural and architectural wisdom of Imperial Rome. The Colosseum is definitely the most sought after destination for every tourist who arrives in Rome so choose a Bed and Breakfast near the Colosseum allowing the tourist to stay in the historic center of Rome, close to churches , monuments and museums. Recently becoming the pedestrian area of the Colosseum is the Via dei Fori Imperiali allowing visitors to walk along the street admiring the view of the Roman Forum immersing himself in the wonders of Imperial Rome. Stayig in a Bed and Breakfast in the historic center of Rome near the Colosseum will allow you to get around the city on foot to visit all the major museums, such as the Vittoriano right in Piazza Venezia which starts Via dei Fori Imperiali. But the center is also the starting point of the shopping streets of the world's major boutiques such as Gucci , Valentino, Armani and Bulgari . Choose a holiday in a Bed and berakfast near the Colosseum allowing you to stay in the center of Rome without having to spend lots of money and without giving up the comfort that these B & B are able to offer.


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