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B & B in the heart of Rome center

If you are planning a trip to Rome by booking a B & B in the heart of Rome center, hurry as certainly one of the best times to visit during October, thanking the climate of Rome that still remains mild and the days are still sunny. They are in fact so popular " Ottobrate Romane ", which seems to derive from the ancient bacchanalian feasts that took place at the time of the Romans and then, become Sunday outings that took place in the early decades of the twentieth century to celebrate the end of the harvest. In general, thanks to the presence of vineyards and orchards around the city at the time of papal Rome, these festivals were held in the camps and was used as dresses for these occasion. During Ottobrate Romane, games takes place, dancing and singing to folk songs, all accompanied by great meals . So, relive the festive atmosphere of the ancient city at this time, in booking a B & B in the heart of Rome center where you can enjoy a stroll in the historic and characteristic streets to admire the architectural wonders of Rome and all the monuments of the historical center and stopping to taste the typical dishes of Roman cuisine such as gnocchi , tripe and lamb in one of the characteristic taverns that you can find in in the most characteristic corners.


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