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Hotels Rome Spanish Steps

One of the most famous squares in the world certainly is the Spanish Steps. Every day thousands of tourists and citizens of Romans flock to the Spanish Steps to admire its famous steps, the set used by various fashion shows, going up that leads to the Spanish Steps . This is a monumental church built in the sixteenth century characterized by two bell towers on which there is a clock on one and the sundial on the other. The most luxurious hotels in Rome are right in Piazza di Spagna where all the stars of the international jet set are staying for their visits to the capital . In fact, from the top of the steps of Piazza di Spagna , you can see a breathtaking view over the rooftops of Rome. But one more reason to stay in one of these hotels in Rome Piazza di Spagna is from here that the two main streets of high fashion, such as Via Condotti where there are boutiques such as Gucci , Prada , Valentino and Bulgari , or via del Babbuino where you can find Tiffany and Chanel . Choose a hotel in Rome Piazza di Spagna means living in the heart of the historic city and from here you can easily reach all destinations to visit the main tourist attractions of the city.


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