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Bed and Breakfast Rome historic center for Easter

This year Easter will be April 20, spring. So what better time to come to visit Rome? Take advantage of a few days of celebration to come to discover the history and monuments of the capital. Book a Bed and Breakfast in Rome for Easter and you will find the town center decorated with flowers to enjoy sunny days as you stroll through the narrow streets of the city. On the occasion of Easter many events will be organized and museums will remain open as the Gallery of Modern Art with the exhibition by Paul Gagugin or Castel Sant'Angelo where there will be until April 27, the L’Apotheosis. Da Uomini a dei. Il Mausoleo Adriano. " There wil bel also show in Teatro Sistina, returning of the show most famous and beloved of the international musical Jesus Christ Superstar, for its twentieth anniversary. Booking a Bed and Breakfast for Easter in Rome center will also be an easy access to reach St. Peter's to seize the occasion of Easter in 2014 and attend the mass to be celebrated by Pope Francis, a Pope who only draws millions of pilgrims from all over the world with his charisma and his kindness. Do not wait to book, make sure to be here in Rome for the Easter holidays, taking advantage of the offers already made by many B & Bs promoting this period.


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