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B & B Rome center for carnival weekend

From February 15 to March 4 will be the Carnival period, so then rush to book a B & B in central Rome for a weekend to attend to number of events organized by the Capital for this event. Even in Rome the carnival has taken place with the celebrations that will take place mostly in the Piazza del Popolo, one of the main squares of the city that connects Piazza Venezia thru Via del Corso. During ancient times along this route, Carnival horses race were dressed up for the festivities like Berber horses and proposed today are equestrian performances among the most famous in Europe. In addition there will be performances by street artists, art comedians, fireworks and parades. This is also an opportunity for little ones who love masquerades, so, book a B & B in Rome center for a carnival weekend at favorable prices and travel with the whole family. In this way, by staying in the heart of the city you can easily reach the heart of the festivities by just walking with the children.


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