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B & B Rome near the Pantheon

One of the most visited monuments in Rome is definitely the Pantheon. The building was built around 20 BC by Agrippa and later after the fires that damaged it was restored in 110 DC by Adriano . Initially, the temple was dedicated to all god , as its the name Pantheon, was later converted into a Christian basilica and changed its name to Santa Maria della Rotonda in the seventh century . Being one of the major tourist attractions of Rome, there are many B & B in Rome near the Pantheon, where you can stay and can easily walk to this wonderful monument. Its special feature is the shape, in fact it is inscribed in a perfect sphere where the building height is equal to its diameter reflecting the criteria for balance of classical art. Also on the top of the dome is the "oculus", that is the only source of entry of light from the outside. The B & B in Rome near the Pantheon are the B & B of charm and luxury, paying attention to structural details and offers all the amenities to accommodate customers in a warm and luxury right in the heart of historic Rome.


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