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B & B Rome 's historic center offers for April

All occasions are good to come to visit Rome, but definitely one of the best months to do it is in April. In this month, the weather is perfect , the days are long and not too muggy, spring makes the city shine . You can stay in a B & B in Rome's historic center with special offers for April, so you'll already be in the heart of the city and on nice days you can enjoy strolling by foot visiting all the monuments of Rome, the parks of the century-old villas in the center town and enjoy a relaxing afternoon after a morning spent visiting museums and churches. This year is particularly suitable for organizing a few days of vacation in Rome since Easter 2014 will be April 20, considering that then there will be the celebration of the liberation of the festival on April 25 and May 1, you can choose the best combination for you to spend a few days at a B & B in Rome’s historic center taking advantage of the offers for April. For spring you will find the city full with flowers , such as on the steps of Trinità dei Monti, which will be adorned with the many varieties of azaleas along the center and sides of the staircase as always offering a unique spectacle.


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