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Luxurious B & B in Rome center near Piazza Navona

If you want to come and discover Rome then book now as now approaches the ideal season to visit this splendid city. The mild temperature of spring and the beautiful Roman climate allow visitors to discover the treasures of the Italian capital. Book a luxurious B & B in the center of Rome near Piazza Navona, so as to walk easily around the historic center. Piazza Navona is certainly the most elegant square in Rome and is still today a meeting place for locals and tourists, as there are still lots of outdoor coffee bars that surround it. Its shape is that of a stadium, in fact here once stood the ancient Diocletian Stadium, holding athletic games, while today welcomes every day street artists, painters and portraitists . The square is full of baroque works of some of the greatest artists of the time, like Borromini and Bernini, whose work is one of the most important fountains of Rome, the Fountain of the Four Rivers in the center of Piazza Navona. The B & Bs located near Piazza Navona are luxurious bed and breakfasts, finished with quality materials and equipped with every modern comfort, offering its guests special welcoming and excellent services.


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