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B&B & Rome hotels

Rome is one of the most visited capitals in the world and each year welcome thousands of tourists. There are lots of special offers for staying in Rome for all needs and all budgets. In fact, in Rome you can find some of the most luxurious hotels but also B&Bs to lodge-in with the whole family at affordable prices. Whatever lodging solution chosen to stay in Rome will be met and by luxurious B&Bs in the city center, so that even those who want to choose an economical solution will not have to give up the comfort of a hotel. In this period, those who shall stay in B&Bs or hotels in Rome near the Spanish Steps can admire the staircase adorned with hundreds of azaleas which will bloom thru-out May for the 77th edition of this flower show. Also in this month, will be held in Rome the World Press Photo 2014, where you can admire the best photos of special events and character people from around the world of photography, so as documented historical moments and captured unique moments at the Museo di Roma in Trastevere.


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