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Holiday apartments in Rome Spanish Steps

Piazza di Spagna is certainly one of the most important areas of the city because of such beautiful monuments near this square, which made it one of the most visited places in Rome. Staying near the Spanish Steps is the desire of all tourists who come to Rome , but often the high prices of the hotels in this area desist tourists, but choosing an apartment as a vacation home on the Spanish Steps is an economical alternative to staying in heart of the Capital. The main attraction of the Spanish Steps is the Trinita dei Monti Staircase consists of a series of spectacular ramps that lead up to the square in the Franciscan church of Trinita dei Monti. This is along the road that leads to the terrace of the Pincio and Villa Borghese. The peculiarity of the steps of the Piazza di Spagna is its sumptuous form , which makes it the ideal setting where they are acclimatized to the international fashion shows and movie sets. For more than 50 years with the arrival of spring, the steps are covered with azaleas of various qualities. So, take advantage this spring giving yourself the cheapest prices to stay on a vacation apartment in Rome near the Spanish Steps.


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